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Washing Machine Bearings

If you feel your washing machine has become excessively noisy, bearing failure is a relatively common fault and may be to blame. The bearings sit behind the drum of the washing machine and help to create a smooth spinning action. If they become damaged by wear and tear the spinning action of the drum is compromised and the machine will no longer be running with optimum efficiency. In addition to increased noise, other signs to look for include resistance when trying to manually turn the empty drum when the machine is not in use. Alternatively, the metal drum may have dropped down and no longer be in alignment with the rubber door seal. We stock a number of genuine replacement bearing kits which include associated parts such as replacement bearing seals, but please check the requirements for your make and model to identify whether further spares will need to be purchased in order to complete your repair. By choosing genuine spares you are assured of a quality product  which will provide an effective and long lasting repair.