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Washing Machine Belt

A worn, torn or displaced drive belt needn’t mean the end of your washing machine. Ignoring the problem can damage the performance of your machine or even cause a more serious fault, but a replacement using a genuine spare can get your machine back up and running. As the washing machine belt helps create the movement of the drum, spinning your clothes as it cleans them, failure of this part will severely limit the function of your machine. One indication that the drive belt needs attention would be change in the normal operating sound and volume of your machine, additionally you may find the machine appears to fill with water as usual at the start of a cycle, but is unable to spin. Overloading your machine or allowing clothing to become lodged between the drum and door seal can cause excessive wear and tear of the drive belt or cause it to slip. If you do not think overloading is to blame it is worth considering whether failure of another component such as the bearings is causing the belt to operate incorrectly and become damaged or misaligned.