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Washing Machine Carbon Brushes

If you think you are experiencing a motor issue with your washing machine it is well worth checking and possibly replacing the carbon brushes. There are two carbon brushes sited on the motor, designed to pass power through the commutator, which forms part of the rotating structure of the motor called the armature. Over time the brushes can become worn and this can trigger issues such as sparking, loss of drum rotation or abnormal operational sounds. It is easy to evaluate the need for new brushes with a site test – they should be over 10mm long and curved to meet the commutator. If visibly worn then they will need to be replaced as they can no longer maintain contact across the commutator and cause the motor to function correctly. When replacing carbon brushes it is also worthwhile paying some attention to the commutator itself, excess carbon dust, dirt or irregularities in the surface will all affect the efficiency and life span of the replacement brushes you have fitted to the washer.