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Could 3d printing be the way forward for replacement parts?

Even with the best machines, it only takes one small fault or break to interrupt a busy life. Replacing the broken part of the machine is the most convenient and cheapest option compared to replacing the whole appliance.

With highly advanced future technology right at our fingertips, could 3d printing be the future for cheaper, more reliable appliance parts?

For more specific breakages in bigger or smaller appliances, the option to print your own part opens up a number of benefits. In particular, it ensures the part would fit perfectly in the appliance and continue the job with no issues.

With artificial internal body parts also being printed for research in medical transplants, it can only be assumed these parts would certainly be able to endure the same level of work as their original parts.

Alongside this, it gives appliance repair engineers a much wider access to parts. Some parts may be harder to get a hold of, and their reliability can sometimes be questioned, however printing specifically needed parts for their jobs would increase reliability, mean easier access to more complex parts and ensure swifter appliance fixes for both commercial and domestic customers.

All of this is however just a concept for the time being, but could hopefully mean a future with more reliable repair services.

Here at Spares Direct, we constantly look for new improvements to our services to give you the best experience should you ever have to go without your appliances. With a wide range of parts, we can help speed up the time which you could be suffering. For washing machine repairs, fridge repairs or cooker repairs, call Spares Direct  to see how we can help you on 0800 0149 636.


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