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Energy label changes

The EU are beginning their plans to change these complicated labels on all electrical appliances, from the ‘+ system’ to a simple well known A-G grading system, in an attempt to help buyers make sense what they are purchasing.

The grading system already in place has been criticised explicitly by home owners, technicians and suppliers, saying they are pointless and misleading.

The new scale won’t come into effect until the EU Council has a formal vote on the matter. This leave many questions for whether Britain will see the energy label changes after the Brexit vote. Questions are also raised as to transferring to the new grading system should it come into effect. Would appliances need to replace old labels? Or would they only be necessary on new appliances.

For now this is all speculation, and we will continue to use the plus grading system on all of our electrical appliances.

The team at Spares Direct found this very interesting and would love to see what comes of this potentially new and simple system.

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