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Noisiest kitchen appliance

One thing we have always been asked by our Leeds and Yorkshire customers is “Is my appliance supposed to make that much noise?” and since then we have been looking for the noisiest kitchen appliance around.

Here is what we found:

Due to appliances being commonly loud in this day and age, a new national holiday was brought into place. National Quiet Day was established by the leading appliance manufacture Whirlpool this year, with the intention of setting aside a little quiet time in your home with no appliances running. This holiday takes place on the second Wednesday of September.

Whirlpool had conducted a national survey, where 2000 adults took part in naming what they thought was the noisiest household appliance they owned. An amazing 47% of people considered a spinning washing machine to be the loudest, followed by 20% considered a food processor, and 7% who considered their kettle.

The poll also included other noises homeowners find annoying, and suggested external noise, such as neighbours, cars, and dogs, could be just as bothersome. Snoring was reported to be the most annoying noise besides household appliances with 61% of participants saying it bothered them.

Studies are not suggesting that prolonged exposure to environmental noise is bad for our health, and not just through annoyance and sleep disturbance, but it can also lead to serious negative effects on blood pressure and even lead to heart disease.

Whirlpool have since been working for a quieter world from their technology, introducing some newer noise reduction technology to their washing machines. Their ZENTechnology in the Quiet Mark-endorsed Supreme Care machines have now reduced the volume of their spin cycle to 68 decibel, which is one of the quietist on the market.

The team here at Spares Direct have supplied parts for a wide range of household appliances, such as fridges, tumble dryers and ovens, and we were not surprised by the results from the study conducted by Whirlpool. Between us, we agree that the washing machine is the loudest appliance in our own homes, but surprisingly have voted the extractor fan as the second loudest.

For more information on the services we can offer your Leeds, Wakefield, and Bradford home, to help get you the right parts to fix your broken fridge, freezer or washing machine, contact us on 0800 0149 636.

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