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Christmas Appliance Check List


As the big day approaches make life easy on yourself by ensuring that your kitchen is ready for the onslaught of festive feasting and Christmas preparations. As daunting as feeding friends and family over Christmas can be, with appliances in tip top working order you will find it much easier to take on the challenge!

Hob burners:

If you are not currently making full use of your hob due to missing or faulty burners then now is the time to replace with new so you will be firing on all cylinders when it comes to boiling veg and making the gravy simultaneously.

Fridge shelves:

We all stock up for Christmas, and the increased amount of food and drink, topped off by an enormous turkey, can be a challenge to make room for. Make sure that your fridge is in the best shape to take the strain by replacing faulty or missing shelves to maximise storage potential and minimise the chance of costly, not to mention messy, accidents and spills.

Oven light:

Watch your turkey, or festive treat of choice, bronze to perfection in a well-lit, easy to use oven. Replace any missing bulbs now to take the guess work out of a golden brown bird on Christmas day!

Ice makers:

It’s not just food we consume more of at Christmas, be on stand-by to welcome friends and relatives with a range of refreshing drinks clinking with ice. If your fridge freezer has an integrated ice maker then ensure that this is in full working order. If you don’t have an ice making facility then a handy gadget like the quick ice maker will help you keep a ready supply to hand.

Water filters:

When all the rich food and drink become too much, nothing beats a refreshing glass of water. Make sure your water filter cartridges have been changed at the appropriate time in order to provide a ready supply of cool filtered water.

Freezer spares:

The freezer is your friend at this time of year, helping you get ahead on some of the preparations as well as housing left overs in to the New Year. Replacing broken drawers, shelves and handles make it easy to access stored items quickly.

Dishwasher spares:

Finally, after all that feasting and merriment someone has to do the washing up! Let it be the dishwasher by replacing any faulty parts, missing wheels or split cutlery baskets so you can spend more time in your party clothes and less in your marigolds!

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