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Hydrogen gas could replace the gas in your appliances by 2020

Gas kitchen appliances can be harmful to the environment, compared to other electrical versions. With the world becoming more conscious about our carbon foot print, it makes sense to gradually begin phasing out the harmful appliances to our planet.

A report that was issued in 2016 suggested that current gas appliances, such as built in hobs and cookers, can be converted to use hydrogen gas, which would ensure gas appliances as a whole would not be completely obsolete in the future and could be recycled into cleaner energy.

The figures in the report suggest that 30% of all heat emissions in the UK are caused by cooking and heating appliances that use gas. Additionally, the report also states that the emissions caused by these gas appliances could be reduced by 73% if the gas used is hydrogen.

A quote from Dan Sadler, working on the Leeds H21 project for Northern Gas says that moving to hydrogen gas “is technically possible, economically viable and will be a significant contributor to meeting the UK's decarbonisation targets".

The recycling aspect of the change would see the same gas systems that we currently use in our appliances reused in these new appliances, as the infrastructure would not need to change to host the new form of gas.

This report also predicts that gas products will be phased out significantly by 2020.

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