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Cleaning your oven can help avoid repairs

Ensuring you have a working oven is important for your family and to keep you healthy. Because your oven sees a lot of use regularly, they are one of them more common kitchen appliances to breakdown, or need replacement parts. There are some steps that you can start taking today to ensure your oven stays in working order for longer, and our team at Spares Direct are ready to help your Leeds, Wakefield or Huddersfield home.

The best way to ensure your oven avoids unnecessary repairs is to keep it as clean as you can. A build-up of food or grease can cause a lot of problems in the future. Here is how to clean your oven to keep it healthy:

1.       Remove burnt-on food

One common problem with all ovens is that food can burn when cooking. It’s quite easy for Yorkshire homeowners to ignore this, as cleaning your oven can be a big, and strenuous job. To remove the burnt food, our domestic appliance repair team suggest dusting baking soda across the bottom of the oven, before spaying water over it from a spray bottle and leaving overnight. When you wake up the next morning you should be able to remove all food with a sponge.

2.       Clean tough stains

There are times though that your food is really burnt on which is generally found on ovens that haven’t been cleaned in a while. To remove this tough stain add more baking soda with a touch of white vinegar. This should cause a reaction between the two ingredients and they should start bubbling. Once this process starts leave for around 30 minutes before again removing with a sponge.

3.       Don’t ignore your door

Most Yorkshire ovens have a glass door as it allows you to see how your food is doing in there. But it can get extremely dirty and therefore it needs a quick clean alongside the inside of your oven. To do this, we recommend mixing baking soda with lemon juice to create a thick paste. Rub this onto your door and leave for 30 minutes and the glass will look brand new.

If your oven is still suffering after a good clean, then than going out and purchasing a brand new appliance, they may well just be in need of a spare part. With an extensive range of products available on our online store, it’s very likely that your desired part can be bought here at Spares Direct.

Feel free to have a browse through our website – you can find spare parts for washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers, ovens, hobs, dishwashers, fridges, freezers and more.

Alternatively, if you need any more advice or help, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 0149 636.

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