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Wave goodbye to dry January and refresh your home drink storage


If you've just successfully completed dry January then you are probably looking forward to a well earned drink - but before you reach for the bottle opener Spares Direct have got a few ideas how you can up your home bar game.

Nothing tastes better than a cold drink straight from the fridge - if you have room then consider a small drinks fridge or even keeping an older fridge as a designated drinks fridge to help store extra items when needed. You can get all the spares you need from spares direct to recondition an older fridge for this purpose.

If space ius at a premium then you need to make your current fridge work hard for you. Replace any broken or missing bottle shelves which may be reducing the capacity of your fridge, in addition you might want to add a universal clip in bottle rack which will increase the storage capacity within your fridge and stop bottles and cans from rolling around.

Most long drinks are better with a good handful of icecubes added. If your fridge freezer already has an ice dispenser then keep it in good working order with our range of ice maker spares and water filtration accessories. If you do not have a built in icemaker then get ahead with the wpro quick ice maker which freezes icecubes in next to no time, much better than a traditional ice cube tray when you need a ready supply of icecubes.

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