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Easy ways to Spring clean your appliances

So Spring has officially arrived, and the promise of sunnier days to come may have spurred you on to tackle a little Spring cleaning! Now is the perfect time to give your appliances a little extra tlc which should help see you through a break-down free Summer!

Nobody loves to clean the oven but if you are planning a roast dinner for Easter Sunday some attention to your oven now could help avoid a kitchen full of smoke when family and friends descend! Choose a high quality, pro oven cleaner to get the best results in the shortest time! Check the manufacturer instructions and be sure of what sort of lining your oven has – you may be able to remove panels for easy cleaning or even place shelves in plastic bags with cleaning product over night or wash in the dishwasher. Do not use product on self-cleaning oven liners but make use of any self-cleaning programme to get a head start on dirt and grease coating the interior of the oven.

Take a moment to check and clean the seals on your appliances. Your fridge, freezer and dishwasher all rely on a functioning contact seal for best results and efficiency so make sure these areas are clean and free of build-up and debris.

Give your hob a once over, remove grease and burnt on marks from your hob or extractor grill. Replace old carbon filters in your hood and any broken or damaged elements on your hob such as burners or missing knobs.

Finally, don’t forget the dishwasher and washing machine! It can be tempting to think of these appliances as self-cleaning due to the function they perform. However, these appliances will also benefit from a little extra care at this time of year. Try running both on a maintenance wash with a designated washing machine cleaner or dishwasher freshener.

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