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How to replace a freestanding cooker clock unit

You may find that your freestanding cooker clock unit is malfunctioning, and decide to replace it yourself. This is an electrical part, so should only be attempted if you are electrically qualified and competent, but it is a straightforward job, nevertheless. You will need a suitable screwdriver, or torx driver set, and some long nosed (needle nosed) pliers.

First, make sure you disconnect your cooker from the power supply – if it has a plug on it, unplug from the power socket, or if it is wired in, you will need to isolate it from the power source.

The clock unit is accessed from the back of the cooker, so you will need to be able to get to the back of the appliance by pulling it away from the wall, and possibly turning it around. Unscrew the back panel at the top, so that you can see the rear of the clock unit. You will notice that the clock unit is attached by 4 screws, and a number of wires. At this point, you may wish to photograph the wires, to make sure you can remember where to re attach them to the new unit. Otherwise, you may wish to write down the sequence of colours. The best way to make sure you get the wires attached correctly, though, is to detach just one at a time, attaching it then to the new clock unit, before detaching the next wire. You can usually rest the new clock unit on the harness of wires, while you unscrew the old unit from the cooker.

Remove the fascia carefully, as it may be secured to the clock by adhesive, and you will need to keep it flat to re position it on to the new clock unit. Then screw the new clock unit in place. Have another careful look at all the wires, to make sure they are all securely attached, before re fitting the back plate of your cooker, and moving it back in to position. Lastly, remember to re-establish the power source, by plugging the cooker in to the mains socket, or reconnecting it if it is wired in. You can obtain the correct spare part for this job from Spares Direct, by identifying your appliance model from the number that will be on the inside edge of the oven cavity.

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