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How to Locate Your Model Number

Before you can order the correct spare for your needs, you will need to be sure of the model number of the appliance you are fixing. Below we explain the most common areas to look in order to locate your model number, it is worth noting that whilst most appliances are supplied with literature detailing the model number and appliance specification, some manufacturers may produce booklets containing information for two or more models of the same appliance, this can sometimes make it confusing to take the model number from this source.


Washing Machines:


Model numbers on washing machines will not usually appear on the front of the machine, even if part of the number may be featured there.

Open the washing machine door, and note the number that will usually be located on the inside of the door rim or cabinet aperture. It is worth taking a note of this number and keeping it to hand BEFORE a fault occurs as the door may be prevented from opening in the case of a malfunction.

Write down all the numbers and letters that appear, as sometimes spare parts may differ for different serial numbers.


Tumble Dryers:


 Tumble dryers usually have the model numbers located similarly to washing machines, inside the door. Both integrated and freestanding models should have the model numbers in this location.


Ovens and Cookers:


First, ensure that your oven is cool as the model number is most often located inside the oven or on the outside edge of the oven cavity. As the oven is likely to become discoloured or marked over time you may need to wipe the surface before clearly reading the model number, making a clear note of the model number when the appliance is new could also be a good solution.


Fridges and Freezers:


Fridges and fridge freezers will normally have the model number located on a sticker on the left hand side of the inside of the fridge, where the salad bin fits, simply remove the salad bin and carefully read the model number printed on the sticker. Occasionally the sticker will be located elsewhere but as a general rule will always be located in the fridge rather than freezer compartment of the appliance.


Freezers will also normally have a sticker somewhere on the interior walls of the appliance, it may be necessary to remove the drawers in order to get to.


Cooker Hoods:


You will most likely need to remove the grease filter from the hood as the model number is commonly printed in the aperture that the filter fits into.




Hobs can be difficult as the model number is almost always underneath.

If you can look inside a cupboard under the hob you may be able to find the sticker, but if the oven is fitted underneath, then it may be a case of having to remove the oven or hob itself to find the model number.


If you are unable to find the model number in these common locations, it may be necessary to look on the back of the appliance, in case the manufacturer has decided to locate the model number there. While model numbers are generally useful in identifying the correct spare part for your appliance, if you cannot find the model number, call the Spares Direct spare parts helpline on 0800 0149636 and our helpful spares team will try to identify it for you.

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