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How to Replace a Washing Machine Door Seal


This guide explains how to replace the door seal, sometimes referred to as a gasket or door boot, on a washing machine.


Before you begin any repair always ensure that there is no power to the machine by removing the mains plug.


Start by removing the lid, which should be secured by 2 screws at the top.


You may also need to remove the soap dispenser to access a screw holding the front panel in place.


At this point we also need to remove the fascia panel. Screwed on from the top. This can be placed on the top of the machine, so as not to damage the wiring. The kick plate should clip off.


You are now ready to begin removing the outer retaining spring, or band. This may need some encouragement, with a screwdriver.


Now, the front panel of the machine should come off with the door. Be sure to keep the retaining band, as this is not usually supplied with the replacement door seal.


If necessary, you can remove the counterweight from the drum, with a socket set, and we can now access the inner retaining band. Again, this should just be gently prised off. Most door seals will have at least one small drain hole, to be positioned at the bottom when aligning the new seal.


Ease the new seal over the rim of the drum, and secure with the retaining clip, making sure the drain holes stay at the bottom.


Next, with the counterweight back in place, the front of the machine can be reattached; fold the door seal over the front of the machine, and once again, secure with the outer retaining clip. All that’s left to do now, is to re attach the fascia panel, the kick plate, and the lid, and you are ready to wash again!


You can also watch a video demonstration of this guide on the Spares Direct YouTube channel.

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