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How to replace your oven fan element

First of all you must ensure that the oven is cool and that no power is passing to the appliance, so ensure that it is switched off. Most ovens will be wired to an isolator switch which is often found in a cupboard adjacent to or above the oven itself.

The process of changing the oven element is largely the same across most brands. With some ovens you will find that the element needs to be accessed from the rear, but in the majority of cases the element can be removed from the front of the oven without having to move it from its cavity.

To access the element from the back, and therefore remove the oven from its cavity, open the door and you will see 4 screws down the side, unscrew these and you will then be able to slide the oven from its housing.

To access the element from the front, open the door. With the door fully open, you will be able to see each hinge has a small clasp, which can be flipped backwards to the open position. Once the clasps are open, start to close the door, ensuring you are holding the door firmly with both hands. Once the door is almost closed, the bottom of the door will come away from the oven. Set this aside carefully.

Next, remove all the shelves from the oven. Then you will be able to see the internal back plate, which is usually held in place by 4 or 6 screws. These are often torx screws. Once you have undone these, the element will be revealed. You will be able to see that it encircles the fan.

To release the element undo the 3 screws holding it in place – 2 on the mounting bracket, and 1 on the opposite end. Once you have done that, be careful, as the element is still attached by the electrical wires, and you don’t want to pull too vigorously on them.

The 3 wires are a simple case of live, neutral and earth, however, but it is wise to make a note, or even better, take a photo of the wires in situ, which you can then refer to when you re attach the element.

The wires are attached to the element by spade connectors, which can usually be detached by hand, taking care to pull the connector not the wire. If they are too tight, a pair of pliers can be used, to assist. Make sure you keep hold of the wires, or fasten them to the aperture, as if they fall back down behind the back plate, you will have to remove the back plate to retrieve them, which is extra work.

Once the element is out of the oven, check it against your new element. We always recommend replacing with a genuine replacement part from SparesDirect.

To fit the new element, do exactly the same process in reverse – first of all, referring to your photo, reconnect the spade connectors to the element, attach the 3 screws, securing the element, replace the back panel with the 4 screws, put the shelves back in, reattach the door, making absolutely sure that the clasps are once again in the closed position, before releasing the door.

And that’s how to replace the oven element in your fan-assisted oven. 

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