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How to replace the door seal on your oven or cooker

Replacing the door seal on you oven or cooker is one of the easiest and quickest spare parts to replace. 

The door seal will need replacing if it is showing signs of wear and tear or allowing hot air to escape from the oven, which will affect cooking times and results.

No tools are required for this job.

Safety first – make sure there is no power going to the oven and that the appliance is completely cool.

The seal will be secured in place with four clips in the four corners of the oven cavity, simply fold each one back and it should become free from the oven.

We always recommend replacing the seal with a genuine replacement part which you can get from Spares Direct, universal seals are often ill fitting and poor quality meaning a perfect seal will not be formed between the door and the cooker allowing heat to escape.

You can check which is the correct seal for your make and model at Spares Direct.

Once you have the old seal removed attach the new seal with the four corner clips and that’s it. Job done!

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