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How to Replace the Fan Motor in an Electric Oven

The fan motor in your electric oven may need replacing if the oven element is heating up ok but the fan blade is no longer spinning. This is quite a common spare parts to fail on electric fan ovens but luckily the fan motor is relatively straight forward to replace.  

Fan motors often come without the fan, especially genuine fan motors so be sure not to discard or damage the fan blade when removing the motor.

Some universal oven fan motors are supplied with fan to ensure compatibility but we always advise that the fan motor should be fixed by replacement with a genuine version. As altering the specification of the fan and/or fan motor can affect the performance of the oven.

Firstly you will need to gain access to both the front and rear of the cooker so first isolate the power then remove the oven from the kitchen units by releasing the two or four screws on the sides of the oven, visible with the door open.

It may also be easier to remove the door which can be done by undoing the two clasps on the hinges. 

With the oven away from the units we can remove the front and rear cavity panels from the oven with a screwdriver or torx driver.

From the inside remove the reverse threaded nut from the fan. So that is the opposite of a usual screw… clockwise to loosen.

Now remove the fan. 

From the rear of the oven, take a picture or make a note of how the wires are positioned on the fan motor and remove these by hand.

Next loosen the three screws holding the motor in place and remove the motor from the rear.

Next position the new fan motor back on the oven and re attach the screws, consulting your photo or note, reconnect the wires, from the front slide the fan blade over the shaft and retighten the nut… Anticlockwise! 

Reattach both front inner and back panels and place the cooker back in the kitchen units not forgetting to replace the securing screws.

And that is how to replace the fan motor in an electric fan oven. Remember you can check the correct fan motor for your make and model of cooker or oven at sparesdirect.

To watch this oven fan motor repair being carried out head over to our YouTube channel

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