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How to Replace a Faulty Washing Machine Door Lock

If your washing machine door is jammed shut and won’t open, the most likely fault is the door interlock, in this guide we explain how to open the door manually and access whatever is trapped inside the machine, as well as then going on to replace the faulty part.

Before you start any repair you should always switch off the power source to the appliance!

Unlocking the Door:

So the first step is to open the locked door and retrieve any items from the drum of the machine, this can be achieved quite easily with the use of a humble piece of string!

Take a long length of string and wrap it around the rim of the door pulling tightly on the ends, opposite the handle so that the circle of string slips down between the door and the fascia of the washing machine, the string should press against the door mechanism and prompt the opening of the door.

If this method does not work then your door mechanism may function in the opposite direction, in this case you can access the mechanism from beneath the machine – this is slightly more involved and will need two people, one to tilt the machine and another to reach up under the machine and release the mechanism from behind the door. DO NOT lay the machine down as the drum may damage other internal components of the washing machine, DO NOT attempt to do this by yourself as the machine may slip and trap your arm.

Replacing the Faulty Door Lock:

Ok, so now you have the machine open and have retrieved whatever laundry was trapped inside you can begin to replace the faulty lock.

To replace the interlock first remove the outer part of the door seal for access by removing the outer retaining band and then releasing the seal from around the front of the door frame.

Next, unscrew the door interlock and remove it from the machine by disconnecting the electrical wires – again, the machine should NOT have any power to it throughout the repair.

Reconnect the electrical wires with those on the new interlock, and then fix in place with the screws. Now re attach the seal and relocate the outer retaining band.

If the door mechanism itself is at fault (the catch) this can be replaced by first removing the door and hinge.

Lay the door flat and remove the outer rim, lift out the glass carefully and swap the door mechanisms, re attach the outer trim and replace the door back into position by re screwing the hinge.

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