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AEG 2092504055 Fridge Freezer Bottle Shelf

Brand: AEG
Product Code: 1354
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About AEG Spares and Parts

AEG is a well respected brand German brand name, now part of the Electrolux group, with over 120 years experience in production of domestic appliances. The brand began as a German producer of electrical equipment founded in 1883. Electrolux acquired part of AEG in 1994, and in 2005, bought the brand name.
AEG products stand out for their design features, and their German reliability and build quality.  Top of the range models benefit from a 5 year parts and labour guarantee, while more basic models bring with them a 5 year parts guarantee. Customers who choose AEG products can be confident they are buying from a manufacturer with a long history of experience in producing quality, well thought out electrical appliances. Spares Direct stock AEG parts for Cookers, Fridges and Freezers.


AEG 2092504055 Fridge Freezer Bottle Shelf

This Bottle Shelf fits the following Fridge Freezers
ERT1374 OEKO S.2180-6SILVER OEKO S.2944-6KG OEKO S.S2273-6DT OEKO S1554-6IU K 71240I OEKO S.2183-6 OEKO S.2972-6I OEKO S.S2280-S OEKO S1865-6I OEKO S.1443-6TKCL OEKO S.2342-6I OEKO S.S.1683-6TK OEKO S.S2373-6KA OEKO S1964-6I OEKO S.1450-6TKCL OEKO S.2442-6DT OEKO S.S.2573-6KA OEKO S.S2573-6DT OEKO S2642-6KG OEKO S.1563-6TK OEKO S.2443-6DT OEKO S.S1573-6TK OEKO S.S2573-6KA OEKO S2643-6I OEKO S.1643-6TK OEKO S.2672-6I OEKO S.S1583-6TK OEKO S.S2580-6SILVE ​ R OEKO S2648-6KG OEKO S.1650-6TKC OEKO S.2842-6DT OEKO S.S1588-6TK OEKO S.S2581-6GREEN OEKO S2672-6I OEKO S.1763-6TK OEKO S.2842-6I OEKO S.S1673-6TK OEKO S.S2582-6MELAN OEKO S2843-6DT OEKO S.2143-6DT OEKO S.2843-6I OEKO S.S1683-6TK OEKO S.S2583-BLU OEKO S2843-6I OEKO S.2180-6 OEKO S.2942-6KG OEKO S.S1688-6TK OEKO S1454-6IU OEKO S290-6I OEKO S2942-6I S.D9 14 40I S1450-7TK S1583TK8 S1643-7TK OEKO S2972-6I S.EUROLINE KG S1450TK8 S1586TK1 S1644-6I OEKO S2973-6I S.K 7 12 00I S1563-7TK S1588-7TK S164-6TK OEKO S2992-6I S.K 71200I S1563TK8 S1588TK1 S1650-7TK OKO S.2443-6DT S.K 8 12 00E S1570TK8 S1600-6 E S1670TK8 OSS2373-6 KA S.K7 12 40I S1573-7TK S1600-6I S1673-7TK QR241PI S.K71240I S1573TK7 S1600-7E S1683-7TK S.C61440I S.K81240E S1573TK8 S1600-7I S1683TK7 S.C61640I S1443-7TK S1583-7TK S1643-6I S1683TK8 S.D8 12 40-1I S1443TK8 S1583TK7 S1643-6TK S1686TK1 S1688TK1 S1844-6I S2185DT7 S2584DT7 S2633KG1 S1688TK7 S1864-6I S2364-6E S2585-6 DT S2643KG6 S1698TK7 S1933-6I S2364-6I S2585-6DT S2646-6KG S1700-6E S210-6DT S2443DT6 S2585-7 DT S2646KG6 S1700-7E S210DT7 S2543DT S2585-7DT S2843-7DT S1700-7I S2143-7DT S2564-6E S2585DT7 S2843DT7 S170-6I S2143DT7 S2573-8DTS S2590-6 DT S2942-6I S171-6TK S214-6DT S2573DTS8 S2590DT6 S2992-6I S1763TK8 S214DT7 S2584-6 DT S261-6KG S60160TK S1833-6I S2185-7DT S2584-7 DT S262KG6 S60160TK1 S60170TK S60240KG2 S64160TK3 S74168TK3 SAN1759-6E S60170TK2 S60280DT S64160TK38 SAN164-6E SAN1764-6E S60170TK3 S60280KG S70168TK SAN164-6I SAN1764-6I S60170TK38 S60280KG1 S70170TK SAN1659-6E SAN1833-6I S60200DT S60280KG18 S70170TK3 SAN1664-6E SAN1864-6I S60240DT S64150TK S70170TK38 SAN1664-6I SAN1865-6I S60240DT1 S64150TK1 S70178TK3 SAN1743-6I SAN1933-6I S60240KG S64160TK S70178TK38 SAN1744-6I SAN1964-6I S60240KG1 S64160TK1 S74160TK SAN174-6E SAN1965-6I S60240KG18 S64160TK2 S74160TK3 SAN174-6I SAN2333-6I SAN2344-6I SANTO C618 41I SANTO K48840I SANTO K71240I SANTO2373-6KA SAN2344-6I (GB) SANTO C71440 I SANTO K48840I-1 SANTO K78800I SANTO2632-6KG SAN2359-6I SANTO C818 42I SANTO K61000I SANTO K81200E SANTO2638-6KG SAN2533-6I SANTO D41240I SANTO K61040I SANTO K88800E SANTO2639-6KG SAN2544-6I SANTO D61240E SANTO K61200I SANTO K88809E SANTO2642-6KG SAN2544-6I UK SANTO D61240I SANTO K61240I SANTO K88840E SANTO2733-6I SAN2564-6I SANTO K41000I SANTO K68800I SANTO1683-7TK SANTO2973-6I SAN2565-6I SANTO K48800I SANTO K68840I SANTO1688-7 TK SANTO81240I SANK71000I SANTO K48800I (UK) SANTO K71040I SANTO1688-TK8 SC 8 16 40 I SANTO 2638-6KG SANTO K48800I-1 SANTO K71200I SANTO1763-7TK SC 8 18 40 I SC4 1840 I SC71440-5I SC71841-5I SC818 41I SC81842-5I SC41840-1I SC71440-6I SC71841I SC818 42I SC81842I SC41840I SC71440I SC81461-4I SC81840-4I SC81843-4I SC418-40I SC716 40I SC81640-4I SC81840-5I SC81843-5I SC61440I SC71640I SC81640-5I SC81840-6I SC81843I SC61640-4I SC718 40I SC81640I SC81840I SC81844-4I SC61640I SC71840-4I SC816-40I SC81841-4I SC81846-4I SC61840 4I SC71840-5I SC81641-4I SC81841-5I SC81847-4I SC618-40I SC71840-6I SC81641I SC81841I SC918 40I SC71440-4I SC71841-4I SC818 40I SC81842-4I SC918 45I SC91840-4I SC91847-4I SD81640-5I SK48840-2I SK71040-4I SC91840-5I SCENTURYTK SD81640I SK48840-4I SK71040-5I SC91840-6I SD 8 16 40 I SD816-40I SK7 8800I SK71040I SC91840I SD41240-2I SD91240-4I SK7 8840I SK71043-4I SC91841-4I SD61240-1I SD91240-5I SK71000-4I SK71043-5I SC91843-4I SD71240-4I SD91440-4I SK71000-5I SK71043-6I SC91843-5I SD716 40I SD91440-5I SK71000I SK71200-4I SC91843-6I SD71640I SD91640-4I SK71003-4I SK71200I SC91845-5I SD814-40I SEUROL.TK SK71003-5I SK71203-4I SC91845-6I SD81640-4I SK4 8800-2I SK71003-6I SK71203-5I SK71240-4I SK78800I SK81000I SK81240E SK88800E SK71240-5I SK78803-4I SK81040I SK81240I SK88800I SK71240I SK78803-5I SK81040I-1 SK81240I(UK) SK88800I(UK) SK71243-4I SK78840-4I SK81200-4E SK81243-4I SK88803-4I SK71243-5I SK78840-5I SK81200-4I SK81243-5I SK88803-5I SK71840-1I SK78840I SK81200E SK818 40-1I SK88840-4I SK71840-4I SK78843-4I SK81200I SK81840-4I SK88840E SK71840-5I SK78843-5I SK81200I(UK) SK81840-5I SK88840I SK78800-4I SK8 12 40I SK81203-4I SK81840-6I SK88840I(UK) SK78800-5I SK810 00 I-1 SK81240-4I SK88800-4I SK88843-4I SK88843-5I SK91040I SK91240-5E SK98800-5E SK98840I SK88845I SK91200-4E SK91240-5I SK98800-5I SK98843-4I SK9 10 00I SK91200-4I SK91240I SK98800I SK98849-4I SK9 10 40I SK91200-5E SK91243-4I SK98803-5I SMEMO SK9 10 45I SK91200-5I SK91243-5I SK98805I SN618 40I SK9 12 40I SK91200I SK91800-4I SK98809I SN61840I SK91000-4I SK91203-5I SK91800-5I SK98840-4E SN71840-4I SK91000-5I SK91205I SK91840-4I SK98840-4I SN71840-5I SK91003-5I SK91240-4E SK98800-4E SK98840-5E SN818 40I SK91040-4I SK91240-4I SK98800-4I SK98840-5I SN81840-4I SN81840-5I SN91841-5I SSPIRIT TK SZ81440I SZ91840-4I SN81840I SSHAM.LINE SSUPER2580-6SI LV SZ91200-4I SN81841-4I SSPIRIT KG SZ814 40I SZ91240-4I JL6001 JLW6003 JLWFF1101R

Part Type Bottle Shelves

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