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AEG Fridge Upper Hinge SD10012 2211202037

Brand: AEG
Product Code: 4402
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About AEG Spares and Parts

AEG is a well respected brand German brand name, now part of the Electrolux group, with over 120 years experience in production of domestic appliances. The brand began as a German producer of electrical equipment founded in 1883. Electrolux acquired part of AEG in 1994, and in 2005, bought the brand name.
AEG products stand out for their design features, and their German reliability and build quality.  Top of the range models benefit from a 5 year parts and labour guarantee, while more basic models bring with them a 5 year parts guarantee. Customers who choose AEG products can be confident they are buying from a manufacturer with a long history of experience in producing quality, well thought out electrical appliances. Spares Direct stock AEG parts for Cookers, Fridges and Freezers.


AEG Fridge Upper Hinge SD10012  2211202037 

This Upper Hinge fits the following Fridges

ARCTIS U 6 60 AU86055-6I SU86000-4I SU96000-5I AU 6 60 AU96050-6I SU86000-5I SU96000-6I AU 8 6050I SU 6 60 001 SU86000-6I SU96040-4I AU86050-4I SU 6 60 401 SU86000I SU96040-5I AU86050-5I SU8 6040-1ICL SU86040-1I SU96040-6I AU86050-6I SU860 00.1I CL SU86040-2I SU96043-6I AU86055-4I SU86000-1I SU86040I U 8 60 50-1 I

ER6334U ERU1372 EUU11400 UG0880N ER6336U ERU14400 EUU11410 UK1200LI ER6430U ERU14410 EUU1172 UK1200RE ERU13400 ERU1472 EUU1173 UK120510LI ERU13401 ERU6470 EUU6174 UK120510RE ERU13500 EU6134U KUI4124 UK1205LI ERU13510 EUF10800 KUI4140 UK1205RE ERU1371 EUF10810 UG088010N

ZQF6114 ZQS6124A ZUD9100F ZUD9124A ZQF6114A ZQS6140 ZUD9100FA ZUD9154 ZQS6124 ZQS6140A ZUD9124 ZUD9154A

0066756141751 440.919 9/40697 53316041204 8063164934 03058040757 480.831 7/4935 772.625 0/40697 99812140188 12375240696 52400140186 772.625 0/7987 99812140480 440.919 9/40190 52400140478 806.285 3/4933 99812140892 440.919 9/40482 524001_40890

Part Type Hinges

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