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AEG 3873218022 inner oven door glass

Brand: AEG
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About AEG Spares and Parts

AEG is a well respected brand German brand name, now part of the Electrolux group, with over 120 years experience in production of domestic appliances. The brand began as a German producer of electrical equipment founded in 1883. Electrolux acquired part of AEG in 1994, and in 2005, bought the brand name.
AEG products stand out for their design features, and their German reliability and build quality.  Top of the range models benefit from a 5 year parts and labour guarantee, while more basic models bring with them a 5 year parts guarantee. Customers who choose AEG products can be confident they are buying from a manufacturer with a long history of experience in producing quality, well thought out electrical appliances. Spares Direct stock AEG parts for Cookers, Fridges and Freezers.


AEG 3873218022 inner oven door glass
fits  B2100-5
Please note that due to weight and size restrictions, oven door glasses may not be shippable overseas.

About Cooker Inner Doors

Cookers have at least 2 parts to the door – an inner and an outer door. Sometimes these may be glass, and sometimes they may be metal. In between the metal parts, there will be insulation, to prevent the outer door from becoming too hot, and to retain the heat inside the cooker. Glass windows will always be at least double glazed, for insulation, and sometimes will be triple glazed for extra safety and efficiency. If any of these layers become damaged, they must be replaced promptly, and certainly before the cooker is used again. Replacement inner doors are available from Spares Direct. It is not possible to replace a glass door with a metal one, or a metal door with a glass one, as this would dramatically alter the original specification of the cooker. When replacing the inner door, it may be necessary to replace the seal, which may have become damaged also.

About Cooker Grill Elements

The grill element is a large element fitted in the top either of the main oven, or of a separate grill oven. It is used for achieving specific results in cooking, and provides a more directed form of heat than an oven element. The cooker is usually operated with the door open whilst the grill element is being used, to prevent overheating. When the door is closed, the element should cut out, but should re-heat when the door is reopened. If the grill element does not heat, or damages are visible on its surface, a replacement part can be obtained from Spares Direct. Choose the correct replacement grill element by matching the cooker model number with the list from the appropriate manufacturer on the grill element page.

Part Type Inner Doors

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