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Baumatic X1170000061 Cooker Terminal block c/w cable

Brand: Baumatic
Product Code: 4737
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About Baumatic Spares and Parts

Baumatic – to quote the official website: “Image and elegance - the essence of our design. Ergonomic, functional and energy efficient….a trend setting statement.”
Baumatic pride themselves on their style, elegance, and innovation, and this is certainly evident in their on-trend styled appliances. Baumatic, is a family owned and run appliance manufacturer, and has quickly grown to become a renowned worldwide company, which now operates in over 46 countries. Baumatic are cheerful, youthful, and yet efficient and reliable. Customers choosing the Baumatic brand will be delighted by the many style features and pleasing detail, as well as highly satisfied with the top class performance of the products. 
Spares Direct have a range of Baumatic appliance spares priced competitively to tempt the discerning buyer. These include parts for Washing Machines, Cookers, Hobs and Hoods, Dishwashers and Fridge Freezers.

Baumatic X1170000061 Cooker Terminal block c/w cable

Now BMT07039752

This Baumatic Terminal Block fits the following Cookers and Hobs:

186SS B151BL-B B156SS-A B180BL-A AS13SS-A B151BL-RO B157SS B180BL-B AS14M-A B151SS-B B170.2IT.AV B180SS-A AS19SS-A B151W-B B170.2IT.GBL B180SS-B AS21SS B152SS B170.2IT.RA B180W-A AS3SS B153SS-A B170GBL B180W-B AS8AL-A B155.1SS-A B175SS B185.1IT.BL B103SS-B B155.1SS-B B177SS-B B185SS-B B144SS B155SK-X B178SS B187.2SS-B B147SS B155SS B180B B187BL-A B187BL-B B191SS-A B240SS-A B550PINK-A B187DKX B200LS-A B241IT.X B602.1W B187SKBL-B B200SS-A B475SS B604.1SS B187SKW-B B201IT.X B484SS-A B609.1SS B187SKX-B B201LS-A B495SKX-A B660GAN B187SS-A B205SS-A B495SS-A B660GW B187SS-B B206IT.X B497SS B700SS-B B187W-B B209SS-A B497SS-A B710X B188SS-B B230CH-A B550BDY-A B890GSS B190PS-A B230IT.CH B550GBL-A B890GW B897SS-C BC145 BK200W BOC7010W B89OGAN BC185SS BK624KPSS BOM5100SS B900SS-B BF120SS BK625PSS BOM5200SS BA180SS BG600SS BK627PSS BOM5201SS BA180W BG609SS BK629PSS BOM7100S BA187BL BK160W BK6P9PSS BOM7101SS BA187W BK164SS BK700SS BOM7200SS BA495SS BK190SS BK900PSS BOM7201SS BA550GBL BK190W BOC7010BL BOM7250SS BC100SS BK200SS BOC7010SS BOM7250W BOM7340CO BW240SS L156SS P613SS BOM7340GBL BW897SS L186SS P615SS BOM7340ST C179SS L186W P620BL BOM9240SS CL150SS ME61ODI P620SK.BL-A BOM9249SS CL180.1SS OMBRA1SS P620SS BT180BL DA158SS P165SS P621SS BT484SS-A DA158W P460SS P625SS BT585SS DA188SS P470SS P630SS BT99W DA188W P610SS P631SS BW152SS HT125X P613IT.X P641SS P650SS POC9020SS POM651SS POP9029SS P660SS POC9020W POP1040BL POP9030BL P670SS POG4201SS POP1040SS POP9030SS P900SS POG4201SS-BX POP1040W POP9030W P901SS POG4290SS POP1050SS POT2010SS POC9020BL POG4291SS POP1050W PW630SS

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