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How to locate the right Bosch spare part

Here at Spares Direct we look to offer a solution to any home appliance issue by providing a variety of spare parts. One of the most popular brands when it comes to kitchen appliances is Bosch, and this article will look to help our customers and website visitors with some quick-fire tips on how to locate what needs to be identified when a spare part is needed.

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Why replace your appliance part rather than get a new one?

In the modern era where the cost of appliances seems to drop every single year, with the likes of Curry’s and discount appliance stores reducing the prices even ore for sales, it would appear that it would always been a better option to get a new machine rather than replace a spare part.

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How to Care for and Prolong the Life of Your Oven

If you enjoy cooking for yourself and your family on a regular basis then your oven will undergo some fairly heavy usage, help your oven stand up to this strain better and for longer with these easy tips for looking after your appliance.

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Reasons to buy Beko appliances

Spares Direct is a company based in the Leeds area who stock some of the most popular household appliance brands. One of these brands is Beko who sit at the number three rank in Europe due to the attention they pay to the latest advancements in technology and appliance features.

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How to Take Care of and Prolong the Life of your Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a huge time saver in the kitchen, cutting the time we spend chained to the sink doing the washing up! It is also a significant financial investment and it is natural that we would want to get maximum value for money as well as increasing the time we can enjoy the labour saving benefits of our appliance. 

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Common Issues with Tumble Dryers

In recent years tumble dryers have become more affordable for the average family, however they are still one of the most expensive appliances for the domestic home. 

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Common problems with fan-assisted ovens

At Spares Direct, we provide a wide range of spare parts for many different types of ovens, including the fan assisted versions. For more details on common problems please read this article. 

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Choosing the Most Energy Efficient Oven for You

There are a number of ways you can ensure that your oven or cooker is working as efficiently as possible, minimising its impact on the environment as well as your wallet!


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How to Take Care of and Prolong the Life of Your Freezer

The introduction of home freezing revolutionised the way in which we can shop and eat at home, and in today's busy households, this is one appliance which continues to make our lives easier. 

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Check your tumble dryers

After the recent news a tumble dryer caused a house fire in Guildford which left a family homeless came to light, a new scheme has been set up by some of the biggest domestic appliance manufacturers to recall their products as it has been reported several other tumble dryers have malfunctioned in the weeks surrounding the Guildford incident.

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Locating Your Model Number

Identifying your model number is crucial to obtaining the correct spare part.....

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Not been having toast lately?...

All too many of us endure the inconvenience of a partially faulty domestic appliance, when with a few simple steps, we can have our oven, or washing machine back to full working order in no time. 

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Cooking with Chocolate…

Now we’ve got your attention! In honour of Chocolate Cake Day – yes, that really is a thing! Spares Direct has put together our top tips for cooking with chocolate!

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Black marks appearing on your laundry?

An old and dirty washing machine door seal is most often the cause of the common problem of black marks appearing on your clothing. 

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Tired of the winter blues? Bring a touch of spring to your whites....

Now that the hustle and bustle of the festive season is well and truly over, the more hopeful minded amongst us are turning to thoughts of Spring Cleaning. Well, spring cleaning our washing machines, to be precise.

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