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Prepare your freezer for the winter ahead

As the autumn approaches and temperatures begin to dip, now is the perfect time to preserve some of the remaining summer produce to see us through the chillier months ahead.

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Say Goodbye to the summer and Hello to your tumble dryer!

Sadly, it is once again that time of year when the air begins to feel cooler and the days grow shorter and this can actually lead to a big change in the way we use our appliances.

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Is your oven a showstopper?

Here at Spares Direct HQ we always find that a slice of cake with our cuppa makes the day go a little better, and it seems that we are not the only ones as the country once again goes baking mad at the arrival of the BBC’s hit show ‘The Great British Bake Off’ or ‘Bake Off’ as it has affectionately become known. 

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Back to School | Be ready with an appliance overhaul!

As the school bell chimes on the start of another busy year it also heralds the return of ink stained school uniforms, grubby gym kits and the unexpected addition of friends for tea! Don’t be caught snoozing at the back of the class – get a head start on the new term with Spares Direct and an appliance overhaul which will ensure that you are ready for anything!


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Whirlpool HybridCare tumble dryer set for 2015 release

Whirlpool, one of Spares Direct’s main suppliers, are set to release their new HybridCare tumble dryer in early 2015.

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Black Friday leads to amazing appliance Deals

For some of you, the Friday 28th November, aka Black Friday, might have been one of the best days of the year. If you love a bargain, the event which sees hundreds of pounds reduced of items, Black Friday is certainly the day to buy items. For others it is a day to avoid.

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Use your tumble dryer cost efficiently

After recently sharing some tips on how you can use your kitchen appliances in a more cost and energy saving fashion today we thought we’d do the same – but just for tumble dryers.

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Sheffield-based Xeros revolutionise washing machines

Xeros, a Sheffield-based company specialising in laundry machines, looks set to completely revolutionise the way we wash our clothes.

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Save energy whilst using your appliances

Household energy saving has become a more popular trend in recent years, as people are now realising just how much money they can save by making simple changes to their routines. Being more energy efficient can also benefit the world that we all live in.

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Take care of your fridge

Being one of the UK’s most popular spare parts suppliers, we at Spares Direct know a thing or two about how to take care of appliances.

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What to look for in a new oven

Here at Spares Direct we don’t just sell spare parts – we also like to use our expertise to help our customers.

We’ve always been aware, for example, that our range of spare oven parts is one of the most popular lines of products on our website.

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Beko prosecuted after men die from faulty cooker

One of the world’s leading kitchen appliance manufacturers Beko is to be prosecuted by Trading Standards for 69 offences relating to failing to tell customers of a fault with one of their products. 

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Whirlpool’s deal for Hefei Sanyo gets green light

Whirlpool, one of Spares Direct’s main suppliers of spares and parts, has finally received approval to acquire a 51% stake in Hefei Sanyo.

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Washing machine parts that are prone to breaking

We all take our household appliances for granted until they are broke. On occasions, faulty white goods need a specialist repair – on others, however, sometimes a spare part is all that’s needed.

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Electrolux to buy General Electric's

Electrolux, one of Spares Direct’s suppliers, is set Electrolux to buy General Electric’s household appliances business for £2 billion.

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