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UK kitchen appliance distributor goes into liquidation

The UK-based kitchen appliance distributor, Die Dietrich Kitchen Appliances, has announced that it has gone into liquidation.

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Experts predict further growth in the appliance market

A new report predicts that the home appliance market will grow by 4.08% from 2013 to 2018. A handsome rise in disposable income has been defined by analysts as a key factor in the growth of the global household appliance market.

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How to lower your energy bills

Research by the Energy Saving Trust has shown that nearly 50% of the average UK household's energy bill comes from the cost of running kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers.

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Barcelona FC sign Beko

Legendary Spanish football club FC Barcelona have recently signed an agreement with Beko, to allow Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturer to become the club’s worldwide sponsor for the next four years, which will represented by the presence of the BEKO logo on the arm of Barcelona’s first team shirts for all La Liga and Cup matches during the 2014/15 season, in addition to all friendlies.

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Man killed by faulty fridge

In July, a 36-year-old London man died saving his children from a fire caused by a Beko fridge-freezer, with an inquest into the tragedy ruling that the manufacturer was aware that it posed a potential fire risk.

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Whirlpool buys Indesit to extend its presence in the European market

The Whirlpool Corporation has spent more than 1 billion US dollars (£600 billion) to build its presence in Europe, with the market having previously proven problematic for the U.S.-based appliance maker amid low demand and difficulties in controlling costs and therefore keeping retail prices competitive.

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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer Water Filters - Price Reduction!

Spares Direct are please to be able to announce a price reduction on one of our most popular consumable spare parts, The Fisher & Paykel Water Filter which usually need replacing every six months used to be on sale with at £49.99 which was one of the most expensive fridge freezer water filters in our range in comparison to water filters designed for fridges by ofther manufacturers like Samsung, Whirlpool and even other premium brands like Maytag. 



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Bosch Recall Dishwashers due to Fire Hazard

Bosch Home Appliances have announced that they are issuing a recall on some of their dishwashers after mounting concerns over the risk of the machines catching fire.  The diswashers in question were produced specifically for the UK market from 1999 until 2005. the number of machines affected has not been revealled, however, it looks as though it will easily run well into the thousands. The title of the broadcast on Bosch's website reads "Important Safety Notice - Potential Fire Hazard", and such an unsubtle admission seems to indicate the severty of this issue.

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Whirlpool Fresh Filter Fridge Freezer Air Filter

The benefits of owning a Whirlpool Fridge freezer have increased recently with the launch of the Fresh filter Fridge freezer air filter


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Siemens 'HomeConnect'

In the mundane, and dare we say, at times boring world of domestic appliances there has, this week, been some genuinely exciting news!

It has been announced this week that plans are in motion for Siemens to develop a range of appliances capable of communicating with water and electricity suppliers and switching themselves on and off depending on when utilities are at their cheapest.

That’s Great! Our household appliances could start to save us up to 25% of our energy bills! That really is Exciting news.

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How to replace a washing machine door seal

Spares Direct have created a how to guide, explaining how to replace the door seal (sometimes referred to as a gasket) on your washing machine.

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How to replace a cooker grill element

If your grill is not working, or you can see hot spots on the element, or your grill is cooking unevenly, you may decide to change your grill element. This can be a straightforward job, if the grill element is accessed from inside the cooker, or may be a rather longer, fiddlier job if it is accessed from the rear.

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How to replace cooker wire shelves

Over time, cooker shelves will tend to become old and discoloured. You may be doing a sterling job of keeping them clean, but nevertheless, the time may come when you will notice that they don’t look quite so pristine as they used to, and they may be spoiling the look of your oven.

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How to replace a cooker grill pan

Some cookers come complete with a grill pan, but some more basic models do not, so whether you want to replace an existing grill pan, or furnish yourself with one for the first time, you will have to ascertain which is the correct grill pan for your oven.

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How to replace a cooker thermostat

If your cooker is not reaching the correct temperature, you may decide that the thermostat is at fault. Other signs of a faulty thermostat are your oven may be too hot. You can also check if the thermostat seems to be faulty by turning the temperature knob, to check if it still makes a click as it switches on. If not, it is probably faulty.

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