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How to replace a gas cooker safety valve

If your cooker is not lighting, or not staying lit, but you are confident that there is a good gas supply to it, then the gas safety valve may be at fault. As the name suggests, this is a valve that shuts off the gas as a safety feature, when the gas is not lit, or not hot enough to burn properly.

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How to replace a cooker lamp cover

Spares Direct stock a wide range of cooker spares and parts, but we like to go the extra mile to make the replacement easier. Here we have provided a detailed step by step guide into how you can change a cooker lamp cover.

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How to replace a cooker motor

If your cooker fan motor has stopped working, or is running slowly or unevenly, you will need to replace it, or your oven will not cook evenly.

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How to replace a Cooker bulb

If your light doesn’t work in your oven or cooker, it is a simple job to replace the lamp. 

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How to replace a freestanding cooker clock unit

You may find that your freestanding cooker clock unit is malfunctioning, and decide to replace it yourself. This is an electrical part, so should only be attempted if you are electrically qualified and competent, but it is a straightforward job, nevertheless. You will need a suitable screwdriver, or torx driver set, and some long nosed (needle nosed) pliers.

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How to replace a cooker knob

Replacing a worn, damaged or missing cooker knob is a simple task, but an essential one, as without a clear, properly fitted knob, you will not be able to identify the setting or temperature you have your cooker on.

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How to replace a cooker door hinge

You may notice your oven or cooker door doesn’t shut too well – maybe it is loose and unsupported at one side, or maybe it makes a jarring squeaking noise on shutting, or maybe heat is escaping from it even when shut. It could be the hinges that are faulty.

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How to replace a cooker button

Sometimes, you may find that your cooker buttons become lost or damaged. In this case, it is easy to fit new ones.

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How to replace a cooker outer door

If the glass in your cooker door breaks, you will need to replace it promptly before using the cooker, and in order to avoid accidents caused by the broken glass.

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How to replace a cooker door seal

If your cooker door seal is damaged, or worn, then you may notice heat or steam escaping through the door, and your cooker may not achieve its correct temperature. This will cause problems with baking, or cooking items of a more delicate nature, where time and temperature are crucial.

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How to replace washing machine door hinges

Washing machine doors can be subject to accidental damage, and a common problem occurs when they are left open, and leant on, or fallen on. This can damage your door hinge, but a door hinge can be replaced easily with basic DIY skills and washing machine door hinge spares are easy to get hold of.

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How to replace washing machine thermostats

If your washing machine thermostat fails, your washing machine will be washing at too hot a temperature. You might see steam coming from your washing machine, as though it is on a ‘boil’ program, and you may see the effects of too hot a wash on your clothing.

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How to replace a washing machine bearing

A washing machine bearing is subject to many stresses during its lifetime, and can eventually become worn before the washing machine is due to be replaced.

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How to replace tumble dryer vents

Tumble dryer vents can break so here at Spares Direct we have a range of different tumble dryer vent parts for all leading manufactures. However when it does break, you also want to get it fixed quickly too so below, we look at how to replace a tumble dryer vent with your new spare part.

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Hoover Candy acquires Baumatic

After two months of speculation and no doubt concern for many of this failed Brands customers, the good news came that Hoover Candy had taken over the brand which found its self in administration back in November; this had come after around four weeks of various appliance industry names being muted as possible take over candidates.

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