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How have freezers evolved over the last forty years?

The problem of preserving foods so that unused food could be kept in good condition for later consumption, is one that soon began to occupy early man’s thoughts. Obviously, it is colder underground, and so food could be stored for some time in underground storage areas. These became the icehouses that were common in grand houses, where ice would be harvested during the winter, and kept in specially constructed underground storage rooms. This was an effective way of keeping food cool, since ice could be kept frozen all year round even in temperate climates.

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How have Dishwashers evolved over the last forty years?

The first hand powered dishwasher was created in the US in 1850. It was a basic design, but proved very popular among the forward thinking housewives of the day. The design consisted basically of a mechanised method for moving the dishes under a spray of water.

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How have cookers evolved over the last 40 years

The first cookers evolved from the practice of cooking food over a fire. At first this was done outside the home, but soon the fire was brought inside to heat the home, and when the fire was enclosed within a rudimentary fireplace, and cooking was done in this same place, this could be considered a first cooker design.

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How have washing machines evolved over the last forty years?

Washing clothes in water did not become commonplace until the Elizabethan times, and then, it would be underwear only, that would be washed. Other clothing was not of suitable fabric or construction to be cleaned by immersing it in water. As clothing began to be made of plainer materials, it could be washed by scrubbing in water, and of course, this prompted the desire to invvent labour saving devices to help with the task. Early washing equipment, which appeared around the end of the 1700s, included corrugated boards, and sticks, to help with the washing process.

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How have washer dryers evolved over the past forty years?

The advantages of combining the washing machine with the drying machine soon occurred to early washing machine manufacturers. At the time, washing took place in a separate tub, with an agitator system.

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How have tumble dryers evolved over the last 40 years?

The first mechanical dryers invented were based around mechanised improvements on manual techniques – laundry would be squeezed through manually, and then mechanically operated rollers to remove water. It was desirable to remove as much water as possible by these means, in order to shorten drying times. However, these early machines tended to be effective but dangerous to the operator. In addition, although clothing used to be of more robust construction, repeated wringing and rolling would cause hastened wear and tear.

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How have ovens evolved over the last forty years?

Initially, ovens evolved from the use of fire to heat the home, and therefore developed as a construction to facilitate the use of the home fire for cooking food. This meant that cooking could only take place whilst the home was being heated, and as life became more sophisticated, this wasn’t always ideal.

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How have Hobs evolved over the last forty years

The hob would originally be part of a free-standing cooker, and was powered by gas.


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How have fridge freezers evolved over the last forty years?

Fridge freezers were a very popular addition to the kitchen appliance range, allowing food to be preserved for increased lengths of times hygienically and safely.



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Indesit to open Turkish Washing machine plant

It has been confirmed this week that Indesit are to open a brand new state of the art washing machine factory in Turkey, due to open this October.

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