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Candy 09200642 Main Tumble Dryer Motor and Belt Kit

Brand: Candy
Product Code: 4334
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About Candy Spares and Parts

Candy appliances began in 1945 with one of the earliest washing machines. In 1954, Candy took the bold step in to semi automatic, and expanded from it’s roots in Italy, in to production in France. Soon, Candy introduced the first Candy dishwasher, followed by acquisitions that led to encompassing cooking and cooling in the well-respected Candy range. Following on from expansion throughout Europe, Candy took the decisive step of entering the competitive market in the USA. 

Today, Candy is part of the Hoover group, and offer an attractive and reliable range of domestic appliances for today’s customer. Spared Direct have a wide rnage of different candy parts and spares for the following domestic appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridge freezers, cookers and hobs.

Candy 09200642 Main Tumble Dryer Motor and Belt Kit

This Candy Main Motor and Belt Kit fits the following Tumble Dryers:

CC217-80 CC267T-88 CDC266X CDC679XT-88 CC217-88 CC276T-47 CDC266XCH CDC768-47 CC217-SY CC277T-86S CDC267ESY CDC779X-86SY CC266-S CD6720-ISR CDC268EX CDC779XT-88 CC266T-47 CDC165-83SY CDC268TEX CDC779XT-SY CC267-37 CDC168-SY CDC268TEXCH CDE105-80 CC267-80 CDC179X-88 CDC668-37 CDE107-80 CC267T-01S CDC263 CDC668-47 CDV160-SY CC267T-47 CDC263CH CDC668-SY CDV262-04ARG CC267T-84 CDC266UK CDC679X-SY CDV262UKCIC200UK CIC250EXEU CIC259TEXCH GODC78-01S CIC209TX CIC258E CIC60 GODC78-88 CIC209X CIC259EX GODC778-37 KT6EMAX CIC209XCH CIC259TEX

CIC250EXES HDC7FME HNC172S-80 HNC360B-88 HC75XT-47 HDC7FMUK HNC175-80 HNC360S HDC60ECH HDC7UK HNC175S-80 HNC375T-30S HDC60ESY HDV6UK HNC180-80 HNC375T-80 HDC6UK HDV7FMUK HNC180S-80 HNC375T-84 HDC70XSY HNC160-80 HNC180-SY HNC375T-88 HDC75TEXCH HNC170-80 HNC260-SY HNC380-80 HDC75TEXDE HNC170S-80 HNC270-80 HNC382T-80 HDC75TEXFR HNC171X-SY HNC271X HNC470T-84 HDC75TEXSY HNC172-80 HNC271XS-SY HNC480-SYHNC485T-86 HNC780T-47 NHC771XT-89 TCE60 031 HNC770T-80 HNV160-80 PFC170-80 TCE61 031 HNC771X-SY HNV160-SY PFV170-80 TCE61 061 HNC771XT HNV170-80 PPC160-80 TCE62 011 HNC771XT-84 HNV171X-SY PPC160J-80 TCE62 061 HNC771XT-SY HNV270-80 PPV160-80 TCE63 011 HNC775T-80 HNV380-47 TC50 001 TCE63 021 HNC780BT-84 HNV380-SY TC650 001 TCE64 001 HNC780BT-88 HSC170-80 TCE60 001 TCE660 001 HNC780BT-SY KIT HNC171SY TCE60 021 TCX50 031TCX51 031 TCX52 011 TCX52 061 TCX53 011 TCX51 061

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