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Candy 25686057 Washing Machine Cold Water Inlet Control Valve

Brand: Candy
Product Code: 4350
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About Candy Spares and Parts

Candy appliances began in 1945 with one of the earliest washing machines. In 1954, Candy took the bold step in to semi automatic, and expanded from it’s roots in Italy, in to production in France. Soon, Candy introduced the first Candy dishwasher, followed by acquisitions that led to encompassing cooking and cooling in the well-respected Candy range. Following on from expansion throughout Europe, Candy took the decisive step of entering the competitive market in the USA. 

Today, Candy is part of the Hoover group, and offer an attractive and reliable range of domestic appliances for today’s customer. Spared Direct have a wide rnage of different candy parts and spares for the following domestic appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridge freezers, cookers and hobs.

Candy 25686057 Washing Machine Cold Water Inlet Control Valve

This Candy Cold Water Inlet Control Valve fits the following Washing Machines:

AC10M ACS106 ACS160 ACS86 AC10N ACS120 ACS160 NL ACT109ACRS AC10W ACS130 ACS160P DE ACT109ECLYP. AC16 ACS130 UK ACS160P FI ACT129ACRSI AC18 (UK) ACS130.6SY ACS160P NL ACTIVA100 AC20 ACS130CE SY ACS160P SY ACTIVA100P ACS100 ACS130P ACS65SY ACTIVA100P/D ACS100 SY ACS130SY ACS80 ACTIVA100PL ACS100.6SY ACS132 ACS80.6SY ACTIVA101 ACS101 ACS136 ACS80SY ACTIVA101P ACTIVA102P ACTIVA1291AC ACTIVA84SLIM AQ100TR ACTIVA105AC ACTIVA129ACR ACTIVA85AC AQ120/1TUK ACTIVA106P ACTIVA50 ACTIVA86P AQ130/1T-80 ACTIVA108AC ACTIVA51 ACTIVA89ACR AQ130/1TUK ACTIVA1091AC ACTIVA60 ACTIVA89ACRS AQC101TR ACTIVA109ACR ACTIVA61 ACTIVA8CI AQC102TR ACTIVA121 ACTIVA6CI ACTIVA90PL AQUAV.1000ES ACTIVA125AC ACTIVA79R ACTIVA95AC AQUAV.100AC ACTIVA126P ACTIVA79RSY ACTIVA99R AQUAV.10ES ACTIVA128AC ACTIVA80P AM1042S H/C AQUAV.12 ES AQUAV.1200ES AQUAVIVA1200 AQUAVIVA807 C1003XT AQUAV.120AC AQUAVIVA120T AQUAVIVA808 C1005XT AQUAV.6 AQUAVIVA125T AQUAVIVA815 C1007XT AQUAV.8 AQUAVIVA130T AQUAVIVA816 C1040 (UK) AQUAV.800 UK AQUAVIVA141T AQUAVIVA850 C1125-14S AQUAV.800ES AQUAVIVA60 AUTOS.120TR C1145-84 AQUAV.900 ES AQUAVIVA63 AUTOS.130TR C1204XT AQUAV.CE101 AQUAVIVA650 B4S (F) C1206XT AQUAVIVA1000 AQUAVIVA66 BRAVA 410X C1244XT AQUAVIVA110T AQUAVIVA800 BRAVA 830X C1260 (UK) C1261 C2075-47 C2145-86S C401 C145TXT-84 C2105-47 C241 ARGENT. C407XT C14Z C2105-84 C24ZT C408XT (I) C1507-01S C2105-86S C2510-01S C415XT C1508-01S C2115-47 C2512-01S C416XT (I) C2 105-84 C2125-47 C3 JOLLY C419 C2 115-47 C2125-84 C34ZXT C41XT JOLLY C2 125-84 C2125-86S C34ZXT/2 C420 C2 145-47 C2145-47 C36ZXT C422 C2075-01 C2145-84 C400 C422 (F) C42T (I) C485XT C535T C58XT (I) C431 C495XT C545XT ARGEN C607XT (I) C431 (NORD) C4T JOLLY C550XT C607XT AQUAM C433X C5101X (NL) C55XT (I) C608XT (I) C435T C5102X (CE) C564XT ARGEN C615XT C436T (I) C5103XT C572XT C616XT (I) C43XT C5104XT (SE) C577T C625XT C44T (I) C5124XT C581X (SE) C634XT C455XT C5125XT (NL) C586XT C634XT (CE) C45XT (I) C532 C588XT C634XT(NORD) C636XT C836XT(NORD) CB1033TR Y CB414 C647XT (I) C845XT CB103TR CB42T C657XT (I) C905XT CB1043TR CB42TR C8040 (UK) CA106TR CB1043TR M CB43XTR C825X CA66TR CB1053TR CB43XTRSY C825X (CE) CA861TR CB106TR CB50AT C825X (NORD) CA86TR CB1213TR EXP CB51XAT C825X (SE) CB1013TR CB1224T CB52T C836XT CB1023TR B CB123TR CB52TCKD C836XT (SE) CB1024T CB412XT CB53XTR CB60.6T CB63TES CB824T CBD100.65-04 CB60AT CB63TR CB82T CBD100.6IT CB612XT CB63TRCKD CB82TR CBD100-16S CB613TR CB63XTR CB833XTR CBD101.75 CB61XAT CB66TR CB83T CBD1060-37CO CB623XTR HC CB66TRSY CB83TR CBD110 CB62T CB73TR CB85TR CBD110-47 CB62TR CB74TR CB86TR CBD1161-37 CB633XTR CB813TR CB86TRSY CBD1163-37S CB634XT CB823TR CB96TR SY CBD116-37 CBD116-37SME CBD1425-14 CBD80-85 CBE1425T CBD120-16S CBD145-01S CBD80P CBE1425T SY CBD125-14 CBD145-84 CBD85.65-04S CBE165T CBD125-84 CBD145P14 CBD85P CBE75TR CBD130 CBD150FR CBD86SY CBE825T CBD130-16S CBD156-47 CBD96-37 CBE825TS5 CBD136-37 CBD166-14 CBE1025T CBE87 CBD136-47 CBD166-84 CBE1025TS5 CBE88 CBD140-47 CBD60-85 CBE1225T CBL100 CBD1425 CBD70 IT CBE130TV47 CBL100 PL CBL100 SY CBL140 UK CBL166-14 CBL86ES CBL100.6 SY CBL140DE CBL166UK CBL90 CBL106ES CBL146UK CBL65.6SY CBL96ES MIRO CBL120 CBL160DE CBL75.6SY CDN130TR CBL120 SY CBL160NL EX CBL76ES CDN140TR CBL130 CBL160P-14 CBL85 CE104 CBL130 SY CBL160PDE CBL85 SY CE104/1 CBL130PDE CBL160PSY CBL85.6SY CE1049T CBL130PSY CBL160SY CBL863ES CE1055TTEMPO CBL132 CBL160UK CBL864ES CE114 CE124 CE449T CE623R CE94 CE124/1 CE450 CE625TR CG1054T CE1249T CE461XT CE629T CG1254T CE421 CE462XT CE637XT CG414 CE425 CE520T CE650TR CG424T CE430 CE530 CE820T/823T CG434 CE435 CE537/D CE823T CG444XT CE435/F CE538/D CE84 CG454T CE439T CE615 CE849T CG463 CE439T/F CE621T CE850TR CG473 CG484XT HC CGAQ665XT CHIARA652XTR CI100T BLU CG544T CHIARA45T CHIARA65XTR CI100T METAL CG554T CHIARA46XT CHIARA6XT CI100T ROSSO CG574T/D CHIARA4T CHIARA762TR CI100T Y CG623T CHIARA4XT CHIARA772ETR CI100TR CG644.3T CHIARA552TR CHIARA81AQU. CI1014ES CG644T CHIARA553AT CI1006ES CI1016TR CG654XT CHIARA55XTR CI1008ES CI101XTR CG854T CHIARA5XT CI1009ES CI101XTR EXP CGA814R CHIARA5XTV CI100A CI1022TPR CI1033TPR CI426XT CI5140XT CI637T CI1051T CI437T CI57TR CI648XT CI1069XT CI438T CI589XT CI656TR CI1204ES CI440T CI60XTR CI658XT CI120TR CI459XT CI60XTR H/C CI80XTR CI120TR EXP CI486XT CI620TP CI813T CI1214ES CI487XT CI622T CI816TR CI121XTR CI496XT CI624T CI822TPR CI1269XT CI50XTR CI626XT CI824T CI40XTR CI5130XT CI627T CI827TR ES CI833T CIN60T CJ473T CL31 CI833TP CIN80T CJ474/F CL32 CI834TP CJ413 CJ514 CL41T CI835TP CJ423T CJ534/D CL42T CI843XT CJ433T CJ534AT CL43XT CI846XT CJ443XT CJ543T CL44XT CI869XT CJ453XT CJ613XT CL66XT CI950TR CJ463 CJ643T CM1 126-80 CIN100TUK CJ464 CJA52T CM106TXT-01 CIN126TL-37S CJ473 CJE813 CM2 136-80 CM2 146-14 CM2126-14 CN146T80 CN450 UK CM2 146-47 CM2136-14 CN150TUK CN45T CM2 146-80 CN100T ARGOS CN166T40S CN50T CM2 156-47 CN105T CN166T80 CN53.1/D CM2 166-14 CN116TUK CN40 2/F CN54.1T/D CM2 166-80 CN120TUK CN40.1/F CN55AT CM2 166-84 CN126T-80 CN40T CN60AT CM2 166-86 CN126TUK CN41XT CN60T CM2086-01 CN136T-80 CN43 CN63T CM2106-01 CN136TUK CN44 CN63T C.I. CN63TCKD CNE110TV47 CNE85TV ECO1201 CN641TCKD CNE128T CNE88T EXCLUS.40 CN65AT CNE128TV-01S CNE88TV47 EXCLUS.4000 CNA135-80 CNE138T CNE89T EXCLUS.60 CNA156-80 CNE148T CNV256-80 EXCLUS.6000 CNE100TV CNE148TSY D.QUICK120TR EXCLUS.751TR CNE101T CNE165T D.QUICK130TR EXCLUS451XTR CNE103T-04S CNE169TV D.QUICK131 EXCLUS45XTR CNE108T CNE78T DBQ151 EXCLUS65XTR CNE109T CNE85TS ECO 1001 ICL100TR H/C ICL60T MYLOGIC12 SY SEL.732ETR SMART.COM16 ICL80T MYLOGIC13 SELEC.431XTR SMART.COMP13 JC57XT (I) MYLOGIC13 SY SELEC.631XTR SMART12 ACT. KITCB83TSM MYLOGIC7 SELECTA40X SMART13 LADYC.623CKD MYLOGIC8 SELECTA41XTR SMART13 DE MYLOGIC10 MYLOGIC8 SY SELECTA600 SMART13D MYLOGIC10/F MYLOGIC8A SELECTA61XTR SMART13SYM MYLOGIC10A MYLOGIC9 SELECTA731TR SMART14ACT MYLOGIC10SY SC1000 SM.COM P16 SMART14DE NK MYLOGIC12 SC1200 (UK) SMART.COM13 SMART15DE NK SMART16 SMARTCOMPS16 SPRINT120TR WM601 SMART16 DE SOFTWASHER TS10 WM800X (SE) SMART16 IT SPRINT100TR WM1000X (SE) WM800X (UK) SMART16 NL SPRINT101TR WM1000X (UK) WP1100 SMART16 SYM SPRINT110TR WM1201 ZM561CKD


FAM100S K414 K62.6T K86T- 4S FAM120S K424T/F K624T K8TX FAM60 K45T-04S K65T-04S KTL66 FAM80 K4TX K66T-04S KTL66 (ARG) K10TX K6.6TX K824TX KTL88

LH40 LLI10PN (F) LWH101FR RILL120 LH45 LLI10RB (F) LWH61 TL40.55RB(F) LH60 LLI80 LWH81 TL40.82RB(F) LH80 LWH101 RILL100H/C

AM640S E40 EMA80SS H60AT-30 AMBRA140 E41 EMH80AS H61AT-30 AMBRA141 E50 EP400C EURO HBI2504 AMBRA151 EH40 EP411C EURO HBI2504A AMBRA160 EH41 EP500C EURO HMP1059E SS AMBRA161C EH50 EX44 HN6755-30 AMBRA166 EH55A EX61 HNF6137 AMBRA180X EH65A EX611C EURO HNF6167Z CA560 EHX44 H100EUNI HNL6106-30 CA580E EHX61 H50AT-30 HNL6116Z-30 HNL6116ZS-30 HZ1042SY HZ616I LAD.423CKD HNL6136ZX-30 HZ2504 HZ710MULTI LADY834CKD HNL6856-30 HZ2504 A HZ842SY LADYC.623CKD HNL6856Z-30 HZ2506T HZI110 51 MA1059SS HNL9136Z-30 HZ2506TA HZI160 51 MULTIPLA7XLS HNS6125ZX-30 HZ611I KITLADY833E STEELH98ES

WA1410AA WA1610-83

Neufunk: NHL031200

ALI21200E LI2-1000 LP1-1000 TKX100 LI1000 LI2-1200E LP1-600 TKX40.2 LI1-1000 LI2-800 LP2-1000 TKX60.3 LI1-600 LI600 LP2-800 TKX60.3/D LI1-800 LI800.1 LP2-800 BR WI-1000


STX6400 STX7400 STX7500

ILB100T-01S ILF436 ILF857T LBI2524T ILB40-01S ILF4361 ILF857T1 LBI2534 ILB40T-01S ILF4571T ILF858TX LBI2544T ILB423T ILF457T ILFE858T LBI2544TX ILB60T-04S ILF458TX LBI2504 LBI2566T ILB80T-01S ILF558AT LBI2505 LBI2566TX ILF1057T ILF637 LBI2514T LBI2610T ILF1059 ILF657T LBI2515T LBI2612T/1 ILF1257T ILF658AT LBI2518T/1 LBI2612TX ILF1259 ILF658TX LBI2518TX LBIAF1055T LBIAF1255T LBIAF456TX LBIAF656TX LBIAF856TX LBIAF435 LBIAF635 LBIAF855T LLI1025 LBIAF455T LBIAF655T

3404 LFC635H LFO416 LFO626 3406 LFC655AH EX LFO42 LFO824P 501 LFC835EXPERT LFO422 LFO826 506T LFC835H LFO426 LFO832 823CF MASTER LFC836AH EXP LFO522 LFOH1056P 823CFH LFE412 LFO53 LFOH416 824CFHMASTER LFE523 LFO536 LFOH426 AL130 11 LFE823 LFO62 LFOH536 LBOH160AAA LFO1024P LFO622 LFOH626 LFC635EX LFO40 LFO624P LFOH627A LFOH826 LN430I OH83M6 OHNF9167 LFOH846A LN615 OH852M5 OHNL6106-37 LFOH856P OH100E6 OHFN7116-37 OHNL6116-37 LLOH906A OH103 M6 OHN685-37 OHNL6116S-37 LMOHVARIO7 OH120M7 OHNF6117-37 OHNL6116X-37 LN400A OH130E6 OHNF9117 OHNL6126-37 LN410A OH40 OHNF9127 OHNL9106-37 LN415 OH60AT5

A0400 A052 A0850 A126SX A040S A052S A085SX A127 071 A041S A054CKD A087 011 A4TX A0420 A055CKD A089 011HC A5 TX A042S A055SX A107 071 A50 ST A0450 A061S A109 011HC A50ST A045SX A061S KUWAIT A1250 AA212 011 A0500 A062S A125SX AA230 001 A051SA A0650 A125SX ES AA231 061 A051SX A065SX A125SX/1 AA232 011 AA232 021 AB110 ABA11 001 ACM110 01 AAA140 01 AB110 011 AC110 001 ACM15 AAA160 01 AB110 021 AC115 001 ACM16 UK AAA160 11 AB115 001 AC120 001 AE110 021 AAA160 31 AB130 001 AC121 01 AE110 031 AAA160 61 AB130 011 AC125 001 AE112 011 AAA160 71 AB130 021 AC327 001 AE113 071 AAA160PL AB135 001 AC90 001 AE130 001 AB100 AB90 011 AC95 001 AE130 021 AB105 001 AB90 021 ACA10 001 AE130 031 AE131 061 AE147 001 AE230 001 AI140 31 AE135 001 AE160 001 AE240 001 AI140 61 AE136 001 AE160 021 AE246 001 AIS136 31 AE137 001 AE160 031 AEA14 007 AIS136PL AE140 001 AE161 061 AI100 11 AIS136SY AE140 031 AE162 011 AI120 61 AL120 AE142 011 AE163 071 AI120PL AL120 01 AE143 071 AE165 001 AI130 01 AL120 11 AE145 001 AE166 001 AI130 41 AL120 31 AE146 001 AE167 001 AI140 11 AL126 11 AL130 AL80 AM120 01 AM640S 11 AL130 01 AL80 11 AM1243S 11 AM642SX 11 AL130 11 AL86 11 AM130 11 AM842S AL130 31 ALA122 01 AM131 11 AM842S H/C AL131 31 AM100LEB AM132 11 AM843S 11 AL132 11 AM1042S11 AM440/511S11 AMA122 07 AL140 11 AM110 01 AM540S 11 AMC121 01 AL140 31 AM110 11 AM540S 14 AR210 031 AL150 01 AM110LEB AM542SX 11 AR213 071 AL7 100SY AM115 01 AM640S AR230 031 AR233 071 AS125 001 AS90 031 CA231 03 AS110 AS126 001 AS92 011 CA232 UK AS110 021 AS130 ASA120 CA233 UK AS110 031 AS130 021 ASM160UK EL160 UK AS111 061 AS130 031 AV210 011 H100EPL AS112 011 AS131 061 AV210 021 H110M AS113 071 AS132 011 AV230 011 H110M6 SY AS115 001 AS133 071 AVA20 007 H120E AS116 001 AS135 001 AVA22 007 H120M AS120 AS136001 CA230 003 H130E UK H130M CMT H5 13MDE HC145M UK HF110M H140E DE H5 14 ENL HC150M UK HF120E H140E UK H5 14EDE HC6120MUK HF130E UK H147-47 H50AT SY HC6130MUK HF140E H160E CE H60AT SY HC6145MUK HF160E UK H160E DE H70M6 SY HC6150MUK HF160I DE H160E UK H80E HC6160EUK HF7 12 IFR H160I NE HC110M UK HCP160 EUK HF7 14 IDE H160I UK HC120M UK HCP160IUK HF7 14 IFR H5 13MCE HC130M UK HF100E HF7 16 ICE HF7 16 IDE HFM130MUK HN6135-84 HNF6127 HF7 16 INL HFM150MUK HN6145-86S HNF6127-37S HF7 160EUK HFM160 EUK HNF 6127 HNF6127-80 HF7 16EDE HFN7313 HNF2127-80 HNF6137-16S HF7 16ENL HFN7613 HNF2137-80 HNF6137-88M HF7130MUK HLN6212 HNF2137S-80 HNF6147 HF7150MUK HMC131 CWS HNF3147-80 HNF6147-80 HF716E-47 HN5125-84S HNF3157-80 HNF6157S-80 HF716ICE HN5135-83M HNF3167-80 HNF6167-80 HF716IFR HN6125-89S HNF3167S-80 HNF687-85 HNF9167 HNL3156-80 HNL6146S HNL9166-83M HNF9167-16 HNL3166Z-80 HNL6166-80 HNL9166-86S HNF9167-83M HNL6106-37S HNL6166-84 HNL9166Z-83M HNF9167-86 HNL6126 HNL6166-86S HNL9166Z-84 HNL2126-80 HNL6126S HNL686-37S HP11-80 HNL2126S-80 HNL6136S HNL9116-85S HP12J-80 HNL2136-80 HNL6146-80 HNL9126-16S HP13-80 HNL2136S HNL6146-83M HNL9136-37S HP13ECE HNL3146-80 HNL6146-84 HNL9136-80 HP13EDE HNL3146S-80 HNL6146-86S HNL9146Z HP14-80 HP14J-80 HP6 150M HSE140UK PE235 HP15J-80 HPF167-80 HSP15-80 PE235-80 HP16-80 HPM110 HSWF147-80 PFA137-80 HP16ECE HPM120 HSWF167-80 PFA167-80 HP16EDE HPM130 HWM120TS80 PPA 136-80 HP16ENL HPM150 UK HX60AT SY PPA136S HP16J-80 HQ130 LFOH856P PPA146-80 HP6 110M HQ150 LSTEEL1059E SE130 011 HP6 120M HSE120UK OHFN4117 SE160E HP6 130M HSE130M OHFN6711-37 SE220 001 SE230 01 SE264-80 SPC12 001 SUPER7/2 SE234-80 SPB11

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