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Caple 5547 Oven Circular Heating Element

Brand: Caple
Product Code: 5543
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About Caple Spares and Parts

Caple is a respected, stylish UK brand, offering Kitchen Appliances, Sinks and Taps. Spares Direct stock a wide range of different Caple spares for all their appliances including fridges and cooker hoods.

Caple’s style says; "Today’s cutting edge kitchen is understated and uncluttered. Concealed dishwashers and washing machines allow hero items like chunky range cookers or bold American fridge freezers to dominate the scene. Not forgetting those luxuries – trendy wine cabinets and remote control island hoods – gadget heaven!”

As the UK’s premier supplier of Wine Coolers, Caple is firmly committed to looking forwards, and embracing today’s culture, while still keeping a firm eye on traditional qualities of reliability and value for money. “Caple is the one name you need for a truly fresh and exciting portfolio of products inspired by you and what you want for your lifestyle.”

Should you have a problem with your Caple product, Spares Direct will be able to find a replacement part quickly ensuring your doemstic appliance will be funny properly once again. From cooker spares, through to fridge freezer spares, Spares Direct have a part for almost every Caple model.

Caple 5547 Oven element

This Caple element fits the following ovens:


C2100 C210F/A C210F/BLU C210F/GRN C210F/W C2110WH C2111WH C211F/GRN C211F/W C220F/B C220F/W C2210 C2211 C2212SS C2219 C221F/B C221F/SS C221F/W C222BK C222W C223F/SS C2240SS C2241SS C224SS C2282 C230M C231SS C231W C232SS C2340 C2341SS C2342SS C2350SS C2351SS C2360SS C2361SS C240SS C2470SS C2471SS C2500SS C2511SS C270G/SS C271G/SS C2900 C291M/SS C300F/B C300F/W C301F/B C301F/W C302BK C302W C305M/SS C306F/SS C306F/W C307M/SS C308/1SS C308SS C3240SS C3241SS C3242 C3244 C3340BK C3340SS C3360SS C3370 C3400 C3501 C402SS C402SS C4240SS C4241SS C4242 C4244 C4340SS C4360SS C502M/SS C5210 rev 1 C5210 rev 2 C5210 rev 3 C5220 rev 1 C5220 rev 2 C602E

About Cooker Heating Elements

The heating element is the main heat source in a cooker. If the cooker appears to have power to it, but there is no heat, then the element may be faulty. A visual inspection may reveal damage, but sometimes the element will be faulty with no apparent damage. In a ‘static’ (or non-fan) type of cooker, the heating element may be rectangular, to fit the shape of the oven cavity. In a fan oven, however, the element will be circular to encompass the fan. Both these types of heating element are available from Spares Direct. Check which is the correct element, by comparing the model number with the list for the appropriate manufacturer on the heating element page of Spares Direct. Some elements are universal, and will fit more than one model of cooker, but not all elements will be suitable. The wattage must be the same as the original, and the physical size and shape must be the same, to allow the element to be fitted in place.

Part Type Heating Elements

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