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Whirlpool dishwasher lower door seal 481246668467

Whirlpool dishwasher lower door seal 481246668467 Also fits tecnik TKD795 ..

Whirlpool dishwasher module user board 481221838003
Whirlpool dishwasher module user board 481221838003

Whirlpool dishwasher module user board 481221838003 Control board UB-63 d/w ADP960961 962 967 968 9..

Whirlpool Ignis Bauknecht 48mm Dishwasher Rubber Plug Bung 481246278244

Whirlpool Ignis Bauknecht 48mm Dishwasher Rubber Plug Bung 481246278244 ..

zanussi dishwasher drain hose


Dishwasher Spares and Parts

From time to time, dishwashers inevitably break down. When using something daily that has so many working parts, wear and tear can cause faults to occur. But help is at hand, because Spares Direct are one of the largest distributors of dishwasher spares in the UK, supplying a wide range of dishwasher parts including: Adjuster Brackets, Basket Tubes, Button Inserts, Buttons, Capacitors, Control Boards, Control Knobs, Control Panel Fascias, Covers, Cup Racks, Cutlery Baskets, Diaphragm Switches, Dispensers, Door Brakes, Door Fixing Kits, Door Interlocks, Door Springs, Doors, Feet, Handles, Heating Elements, Hinges, Hoses, Inlet Tubes, Inlet Valves, Kick Strips, Lid Actuators, Link Supports, Micro Filters, Motors, PCB Housings, Pins, Pressure Switches, Pumps, Rubber Bungs, Seals, Sensors, Spray Arms, Suppressors, Switches, Thermal Cut Outs, Valves, Water Collectors, Water Tanks and Wheels

Spares Direct are recognised by many of the major dishwasher manufacturers as leaders in our field. With thousands of dishwasher parts in stock, our sole purpose is to ensure that whatever problem you have, we can supply a replacement spare within the next 24 hours.

The main part of our business is selling parts to appliance repair engineers, which is why we offer our dishwasher spare parts at low trade prices. However, we are equally happy to supply to the domestic buyer, who is looking to undertake the repair themselves.

To achieve our next day delivery service, we use a combination of our own in house fleet of vans coupled with a third party courier. Whilst bad weather and traffic can sometimes present a challenge we are rarely late.

We supply spares from all the leading dishwasher manufacturers, including Baumatic, Beko, Bosch, Candy, Caple, Electrolux, Fisher& Paykel, Hoover, Hotpoint, Miele, Neff, Smeg, Universal, Whirlpool, Zanussi. Our procurement team work closely with each of the main brands to ensure that our stock holding remains up to date. If any new products are launched in the marketplace, you can be assured that ASD will stock the associated dishwasher spare parts.

Dishwasher Parts that most commonly break

Basket wheels on a dishwasher help to slide the basket out of the dishwasher, to make it easier to load and unload the dishwasher, these basket wheels can easily break if the dishwasher is handled heavily.  They are one of the easiest parts on the dishwasher to replace.

Cutlery baskets are used to hold your cutlery in place whilst the dishwasher is on. Cutlery baskets can snap or distort especially if hot washes are used regularly in the dishwasher.  Often the bottom of the cutlery basket is the most vulnerable as utensils are prone to being dropped into the dishwasher, weakening the base of the cutlery basket.

Dishwasher Drain Pump Motors will take waste water away from the machine and down your drain. If your Dishwasher is not emptying the water it is likely that the drain pump has been blocked or has stopped functioning altogether. To access the drain pump you will need to remove the cover at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Water coming into your Dishwasher will have to pass through the water inlet valve to get into the machine. The water inlet valve controls how much water is allowed to pass into the machine. If the valve fails or starts to leak, it will certainly need replacing.

There are two spray arms in a dishwasher, one beneath the upper basket and one below the lower basket. The spray arms spin round in the dishwasher spraying water on your plates and bowls.  Dishwasher Spray arm’s can need replacing due to a number of minor issues, such as the seal wearing down causing leaks. The spray arm can often get blocked with small pieces of food such as rice or seeds.

The Dishwasher dispenser is used to hold your detergent in place until the door is closed and the machine is working. If you Detergent dispenser is not working, either not staying closed or not opening during the wash, it is recommended that it is replaced.

A Dishwasher Door brake helps to hold the dishwasher door in place when it is opened and closed. If you are finding that when you open your dishwasher door it drops straight open this could be due to the door break being broken.

A Dishwasher control knob is used on a certain type of freestanding Dishwashers to set the programme. The control knob can often break due to accidental damage, you will be able to tell that it is broken when you twist the knob and the programme doesn’t change or the knob has completely come away from the machine.

A Dishwasher rubber bung is used to allow steam to escape through the top of the machine, if it wasn’t for the rubber bung pressure would build up inside the dishwasher. The rubber bung can erode over time, which will need replacing.

A Dishwasher pressure switch (aka pressostat, diaphragm) measures the level of the water inside the base of the dishwasher and communicates with the drain pump and the inlet valve to make sure there isn’t too much or too little water in the machine. The dishwasher pressostat can normally be found in the base of the machine just below the water tank.

The Dishwasher microfilter is used to filter water that is re-circulated around the machine. If you leave bits of food on your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, these bits can then get clogged up in the micro filter, and when this happens the filter can erode over time. To prevent this happening it is advised that you rinse your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.

The dishwasher door seal helps to keep the dishwasher water tight around the door. If water starts to leak from around the door it is likely that your door seal has eroded in places. There are two door seals on all dishwashers, a 3 sided one that runs up the left side across the top and down the right side. There is also a separate door seal the runs across the bottom.