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Electrolux 1240827426 Washing Machine Ventilator Drive Belt

Brand: Electrolux
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About Electrolux Spares and Parts

Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances. Their design and product development is based on the philosophy of Thoughtful Design, after the Scandinavian design tradition, where “the aim is to develop and apply consumer insights into all aspects of the brand experience. It covers functionality, usability, touch & feel, visual appearance and the overall user experience throughout all aspects in the life of a product”. 

As a truly international company, selling products in over 100 countries, Electrolux has the technical knowledge, and manpower, to support these excellent domestic products. Electrolux offer a wide range of appliances for every domestic purpose, and a comprehensive spare parts supply is readily available from Spares Direct. Electrolux is the perfect choice for those who demand a well-designed, robust, pleasing appliance that will stay the course of everyday domestic use.

Electrolux spare parts for Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Cookers, Diswashers and Fridge Freezers are all available online at Spares Direct.

Electrolux 1240827426 Washing Machine Ventilator Drive Belt

This Drive Belt fits the following Washing Machines

EW1287W EWD1419I EWW1291 EWW1495 EW1289W EWW1000 EWW1292 EWW1649 EW1290W EWW1210 EWW1400 EWW1690 EWD1300 EWW1290 EWW1440 EWX1237 EWD1409I AWW1007 AWW1217 AWW1407 AWW1507 AWW1017 AWW1227 AWW1417 AWW1525 AWW1207 AWW1307 AWW1427 AWX1285

16810 L12820 L14800VIT L16820 L12710 L12830 L14810 L16825 L12710VIT L14710VIT L14820 L16830 L12720 L14720 L16810 REG3610WT

COMPLESSO WJD1257S ZWD1251W ZWD1471W UMBRIA WJD1257W ZWD1252W ZWD1472S W1106 WJD1357S ZWD1262S ZWD1472W W1206 WJD1457W ZWD1262W ZWD1480W W1207 WJD1667W ZWD1270S ZWD1662W WD1010 ZJD12191 ZWD1270W ZWD1680W WD1210 ZKF220 ZWD1271W ZWD1681W WD1215 ZKF221 ZWD1272W ZWD1682W WD1245 ZKG2100 ZWD1470W ZWU6120 WD1250W ZKG2120 ZWD1471S ZWW1202

John Lewis
JLBIWD1400 JLWD1404 JLWD1406

Part Type Belts

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