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Electrolux 1249675131 Washing Machine Door Interlock

Brand: Electrolux
Product Code: 5436
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Ex Vat: £12.75


About Electrolux Spares and Parts

Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances. Their design and product development is based on the philosophy of Thoughtful Design, after the Scandinavian design tradition, where “the aim is to develop and apply consumer insights into all aspects of the brand experience. It covers functionality, usability, touch & feel, visual appearance and the overall user experience throughout all aspects in the life of a product”. 

As a truly international company, selling products in over 100 countries, Electrolux has the technical knowledge, and manpower, to support these excellent domestic products. Electrolux offer a wide range of appliances for every domestic purpose, and a comprehensive spare parts supply is readily available from Spares Direct. Electrolux is the perfect choice for those who demand a well-designed, robust, pleasing appliance that will stay the course of everyday domestic use.

Electrolux spare parts for Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Cookers, Diswashers and Fridge Freezers are all available online at Spares Direct.

Electrolux 1249675131 Washing Machine Door Interlock

This Door Interlock fits the following Washing Machines


CMF616 EW1290W EWF1010 EWF10470W EW1030F EW1418I EWF1020 EWF10479W EW1066F EW1447W EWF1025 EWF10480W EW1080F EW670F EWF10279W EWF1050 EW1209I EW880F EWF1029 EWF10591W EW1220N EWC10550W EWF1030 EWF10670W EW1233I EWD1300 EWF1035 EWF10679W EW1259W EWD1409I EWF1045 EWF10680W EW1266F EWD1419I EWF1045S EWF1073 EW1289W EWD1477 EWF10470S EWF1073A EWF1074 EWF1092 EWF1222 EWF1236 EWF10771W EWF1096 EWF12240W EWF12370W EWF1082 EWF1098 EWF1225 EWF12376W EWF1082B EWF1145 EWF12250 EWF1244 EWF1082G EWF1182 EWF12270W EWF12440W EWF1083 EWF12108W EWF1229 EWF12449W EWF1084 EWF12115 EWF1230 EWF1245 EWF1086 EWF1215 EWF1232 EWF1246 EWF1087 EWF1220 EWF1234 EWF12470W EWF1090 EWF1221 EWF1235 EWF12480W EWF1249 EWF1282 EWF12981W CHILD LOCK EWF1423 EWF1250 EWF1282G EWF1387 EWF1424 EWF1255 EWF1284 EWF1410 EWF14240W EWF12580W EWF1286 EWF14108 EWF1425 EWF12591W EWF1287 EWF14108W EWF1426 EWF12660W EWF1288 EWF14115 EWF14260 EWF12670W EWF1289 EWF14118 EWF1427 EWF12680W EWF1295 EWF1412 EWF14270W EWF12780W EWF1297 EWF1420 EWF1429 EWF1280 EWF12981W EWF1422 EWF1430 EWF1434 EWF1447 EWF14589W EWF1486 EWF1435 EWF14470W EWF14589W CHILD LOCK EWF1488 EWF1436 EWF14480W EWF1470 EWF1490 EWF14370W EWF14480W CHILD LOCK EWF14780 EWF1495 EWF14373W EWF1449 EWF14780W EWF14981W EWF14375W EWF1455 EWF14781W EWF14981W CHILD LOCK EWF1444 EWF14580W EWF14785W EWF1499 EWF14440W EWF14580W CHILD LOCK EWF14786W EWF1620 EWF14450 EWF14581W EWF1481 EWF1623 EWF14460 EWF14583W EWF1484 EWF1625 EWF16250 EWF1646 EWF16780W EWF16980W CHILD LOCK EWF16260 EWF16460 EWF16780W CHILD LOCK EWF16981W EWF1629 EWF1647 EWF16781W EWF16981W CHILD LOCK EWF1630 EWF16470W EWF16785W EWF1870 EWF1636 EWF1649 EWF1680 EWF549 EWF16370 EWF1655 EWF1686 EWF551 EWF16370W EWF16580W EWF1687 EWF668 EWF1640 EWF16589W EWF1688 EWF672 EWF1644 EWF16670W EWF16980 EWF677 EWF1645 EWF16780 EWF16980W EWF735 EWF771 EWF925 EWG14750W EWS1021 EWF810 EWF935 EWI1235 EWS1030 EWF830 EWF936S EWN1020 EWS10400W EWF860 EWF984 EWN1030 EWS10410W EWF882 EWG12440W EWN1220 EWS10412W EWF887 EWG12450W EWN1220A EWS1046 EWF888 EWG12740W EWN1620W EWS1050 EWF890 EWG12750W EWN1640 EWS1051 EWF896 EWG14440W EWS1007 EWS1059Z EWF900 EWG14740W EWS1020 EWS10610W EWS10612W EWS12412W EWS12710W EWW1292 EWS10710W EWS1247 EWS12712W EWW1400 EWS10712W EWS1250 EWS650 EWW1440 EWS1105 EWS1250Z EWS800 EWW14470W EWS11600W EWS1251 EWS850 EWW14581W EWS1200 EWS1258 EWW1000 EWW14582W EWS1221 EWS1258Z EWW1210 EWW14781W EWS1230 EWS1259 EWW12470W EWW1495 EWS1240 EWS12610W EWW12480W EWW16489W EWS12410W EWS12612W EWW1290 EWW1649 EWW16781W EWX14540W WAGL7E100 WASL1E100 EWW1690 NEAT1600 WAGLES7000 WASL2E100 EWX1237 WAGL4E100 WAL2E100 WASL4E100 EWX12540W WAGL5S100 WAL4E100 WTGL3E100 EWX14440W WAGL6E100 WAL6E100

COMPLESSO F1648 FE1204 FE827G F1015 F900 FE1205 FE904NN F1215 FE1004 FE1206 FE925N F1247 FE1005 FE1405 FJ1054W F1256W FE1006 FE1406 FJ1254W F1426 FE1006NN FE1416 FJ1354S F1447 FE1024N FE1446 FJ1454W F1626 FE1025G FE1646 FJD1266W F1645 FE1026N FE804 FJD1466S F1647 FE1027G FE825G FJD1466W FJD1666W FJR1254W FLE1215W FLN807 FJDR1266W FJR1454W FLE1216W FLN808 FJDR1466S FJS1025W FLE1416W FR1250S FJDR1466W FJS1225W FLN1007 FR1250W FJDR1666W FJS1425W FLN1008 FR1450W FJE1205 FL708ALU FLN1074 FS1055W FJE1436 FLE1015W FLN507 FS1155W FJE1635 FLE1016W FLN607 FS1255S FJE1636 FLE1115W FLN608 FS1255W FJE904 FLE1116W FLN804 FS1355W FS1455W IZ141S WD1245 WJS1265W FS1555W IZ141W WD1250W WJS1465W FX1165W IZ14S WD1601INPT WJS1665W FX1265W IZ16 WJD1257S ZE12 FX1365W IZ161S WJD1257W ZE14 FX1465W IZ161W WJD1357S ZE16 FXC1206 IZ16S WJD1457W ZJ1217 IZ10 UMBRIA WJD1667W ZJ1218 IZ12 W1206 WJE1207 ZJD1219 IZ14 W1207 WJE1407G ZJD12191 ZKG2100 ZKU220 ZWD1262W ZWD1471S ZKG2105 ZTI1029 ZWD1270S ZWD1471W ZKG2120 ZWC10510W ZWD1270W ZWD1472S ZKG2125 ZWC85050W ZWD1271W ZWD1472W ZKG2145 ZWC85055W ZWD1272W ZWD1480W ZKH2125 ZWD12270S ZWD14270W ZWD16270W ZKH2145 ZWD12270W ZWD14581S ZWD16581W ZKI225 ZWD1251W ZWD14581W ZWD1662W ZKI245 ZWD1252W ZWD1460 ZWD1680W ZKI525 ZWD1262S ZWD1470W ZWD1681W ZWD1682W ZWF1241W ZWF1440W ZWF1650 ZWD7105 ZWF12580W ZWF1441W ZWF1650W ZWD785 ZWF14109 ZWF1450W ZWF1651W ZWF1217W ZWF1420 ZWF1451W ZWF1840 ZWF1218W ZWF1430S ZWF14791W ZWF1850 ZWF1220 ZWF1430W ZWF1620 ZWF9570W ZWF1230W ZWF1431S ZWF1630W ZWG3105A ZWF1231W ZWF1431W ZWF1631W ZWG3123 ZWF1237W ZWF1434W ZWF1640S ZWG3143 ZWF1240W ZWF1437W ZWF1640W ZWG3163 ZWG385A ZWH5105A ZWI2125 ZWN6125 ZWG5141 ZWH5125 ZWI2126 ZWO7105 ZWG5161 ZWH6100 ZWN1220W ZWS1030 ZWG6121 ZWH6100A ZWN1420G ZWS1040 ZWG6141 ZWH6105 ZWN1620S ZWS7107 ZWG6145 ZWH6120 ZWN1620W ZWS7127 ZWG6161 ZWH6145 ZWN3145 ZWS787 ZWG6165 ZWH6195 ZWN6100 ZWS830 ZWH5102 ZWH7100C ZWN6105 ZWU6120 ZWH5105 ZWH8165 ZWN6120 ZWV1651S ZWW1202 ZWW9570W ZWX1506W ZWX1606W ZWW12570W ZWX1505W ZWX1605W

16800 L10500V L12620 L12820J5 VERS.SILVER 16810 L10500VI L12700VIT L12820J6 CLARA1048 L1060EL L12710 L12830 CLARA1068 L1070EL L12710VIT L12843VIT CLARA1248 L11842VIT L1271EL L14500VI CLARA868 L1245EL L12720 L14510VI L 6415 L1246EL L12720VIT L14700VIT L1045EL L1249 L12810VI L14710VIT L1046EL L12510VI L12820 L14720 L1049 L1260EL L12820J5 VERS. WHITE L14800 L14800VI L16853 L53600 L60640 L14800VIT L16866 L54600 L60800 L14820 L5019 L54811 L60805 L14840 L50210 L58220 L60810 L14850 L50212 L58222 L60820 L16810 L50610 L58223 L60822 L16820 L50612 L58820 L60824 L16825 L52600 L58828 L60825 L16830 L52609 L60210 L60827 L16850 L52612 L60610 L60828 L60829 L62645 L62840 L63815 L60840 L62800 L62853 L6415 L60843 L62806 L62890 L6420 L60890 L62809 L62895 L64540 L60895 L62810 L63600 L64560 L61825 L62812 L63800 L6460 L6215 L62820 L63803 L64600 L6261 L62822 L63805 L64606 L62610 L62825 L63812 L6461 L62640 L62828 L63813 L64610 L64617 L6466N L64822 L64859 L64618 L64680 L64823 L6485EX L64619 L6480 L64840 L65800 L6461EX L64800 L64845 L65825 L64620 L64806 L64846 L65845 L64640 L64810 L64848 L6615 L64641 L64811 L6484N L66561 L64645 L64819 L64851 L66610 L64647 L6482 L64853 L66617 L6465N L64820 L64857 L6661EX L66640 L6685EX L72640 L72812 L66800 L68640 L72650 L72815 VERS.SILVER L66811 L68650 L72655 L72815 VERS.WHITE L66815 L70654 L72656 L72818 L66820 L70657 L72658 L72840M L66840 L70786VT L72766VT L72850 L66841 L70810 L72786VT L72853 L66845 L71655 L72800 L72880 L66855 L72600 L72805 L72900 L66857 L72610 L72810 L74600 L74650 L74665 L74850 L75817 L74651 L74800 L74850B L76650 L74652 L74803 L74850M L76651 L74652 VERS. WHITE L7481 L74859 L76655 L74653 L74810 L74900 L76656 L74655 L74810SPOR L74920 L76657 L74658 L74812 L74950 L76658 L74658 VERS. SILVER L74818 L75605 L76658 VERS. SILVER L74658 VERS. WHITE L74819 L75655 L76658 VERS. WHITE L74659 L74820 L75805 L76659 L7680 L76850 L86810 LAV60804 L76800 L76853M L86812 LAV60807 L76810 L76855 L86820 LAV60809 L76811 L76859 L88810 LAV60810 L76815 L76910 L88820 LAV60814 L76818 L84810 LAV52680 LAV60816 L76819 L84812 LAV54680 LAV60817 L76820 L84820 LAV60210 LAV60819 L76830 L84850 LAV60610 LAV60900 L76840 L84950 LAV60800 LAV61815 LAV61900 LAV62820 LAV6420 LAV6461EX LAV62600 LAV62900 LAV6440 LAV6465N LAV62605 LAV63600 LAV6460 LAV64680 LAV62610 LAV63610 LAV64600 LAV6480 LAV62800 LAV63613 LAV64606 LAV64800 LAV62806 LAV63800 LAV64608 LAV64802 LAV62808 LAV63805 LAV64610 LAV64803 LAV62809 LAV63815 LAV64617 LAV64806 LAV62810 LAV63900 LAV64618 LAV64810 LAV62818 LAV6410 LAV64619 LAV64812 LAV64813 LAV66617 LAV72630-W LAV74335 LAV64819 LAV6661EX LAV72640 LAV74335-W LAV65600 LAV66800 LAV72800 LAV74600 LAV65800 LAV66810 LAV72805 LAV74610 LAV65805 LAV66813 LAV72810 LAV74630-W LAV65813 LAV66815 LAV72812 LAV74630-W GB- LAV65815 LAV66819 LAV72818 LAV74640 LAV6610 LAV70800 LAV72880 LAV74689 LAV66600 LAV70810 LAV74330 LAV74700 LAV66610 LAV72600 LAV74330-W LAV74800 LAV74803 LAV74900 LAV7680 LAV78800 LAV74810 LAV75605 LAV76800 LAV78810 LAV74810SPORT LAV75805 LAV76810 LAV82800 LAV74812 LAV75807 LAV76815 LAV82810 LAV74815 LAV75817 LAV76818 LAV84610 LAV74818 LAV76600 LAV76819 LAV84745 LAV74819 LAV76639-W LAV76820 LAV84810 LAV74820 LAV76640 LAV7685M LAV84812 LAV74825 LAV76669 LAV76880 LAV84820 LAV74880 LAV76689 LAV76910 LAV85805 LAV86800 LAVAMAT2127 LAVREGINA2552F LBELLA VERS. SILVER LAV86810 LAVAMAT5.0 LAVREGINA2651 LBELLA VERS. WHITE LAV86812 LAVBELLA LAVREGINA2851 LMARATHON LAV86820 LAVBELLA3051 LB3051 LN78675 LAV86829 LAVBELLA3251 LB3251 LP2252F LAV88800 LAVBELLA3451 LB3451 LP5051 LAV88810 LAVBELLA3452N LB3452N LP5251 LAV88819 LAVBELLA3850 LB3453N LPRINCESS LAV88820 LAVMARATHON LB3850 LR2452 LAV88829 LAVPRINCESS LBELLA LR2552F LR2651 LR2852 LREGINA VERS. SILVER OKOPLUS16 LR2652 LR3410WT LREGINA VERS. WHITE REG3610WT LR2851 LREGINA OKOPLUS14

44460709 DF2600 EF3200 EF4446N 88807905 DF4240 EF3210N EF4480N 88807909 DF4242 EF3600 EF4644 88840009 DF4242S EF4244 EF4644 (PRIVILEG) 88840409 DF4440 EF4244 (PRIVILEG) EF4646 88841209 DF4440B EF4246 EF4646N 88855809 DF4440S EF4246N EF4680N 88892305 DFX4240 EF4444 EF7281 DF2200 DFX4640 EF4444 (PRIVILEG) EF7481 DF2400 EF3010N EF4446 EF7681 EF8482 EFX4648N EFXX7242NS KWG5120 EF8484 EFX4660 EFXX8448N KWG5140 EF8486 EFX4875 F7DFXX4040 SF1251 EFX4248N EFX6250FML IF9250 SF2200 EFX4260 EFX6250N IF9450 SF2400 EFX4275 EFX6450FML IF9650 SF2400N EFX4448N EFX6650FML IZ12 SFX2400 EFX4460 EFXX4242 KWG3100 WTF8280 EFX4475 EFXX7242N KWG3120 WTF8480

Tricity Bendix
TBWD1210 WDR1041W WDR1241W WDR1242W TBWM1110

0006533921080 11890720263 1544178376 23729620568 0006549321081 11890720567 1640798386 24708420805 00067820524 11996920928 17348420839 24710120806 0009946521222 11998720927 20001520919 25037220807 0020511521097 12600620533 22271420697 27786320820 0021253120998 12600620736 22376321031 2814158381 00792820785 12600620984 22457920700 28212920778 03417720537 13204720715 2278298378 29412820303 07234920682 142.082 7/20543 22852520526 29412820582 09946521012 14538620776 23251520458 31229220665 31613420668 43322520942 47855720192 55227720954 32488520539 44923020716 47858820527 57701920833 33808220947 44939520717 48146620837 59120320846 34059320307 45541120518 50445620698 59466320787 34380720994 46051420740 50720021001 59466320894 38252320259 46064020695 54397620701 60021920920 39036820377 47498520943 54675020441 60648820832 39036820513 47580820941 55213020956 60853320786 41233020517 47716420271 55213720957 60853320893 43147320848 47716420981 55216320959 61063620699 61127820538 69827920945 75876520544 79233020841 61414920724 70666420784 76534820515 80525120272 63732120955 70666420896 76768420685 80525120982 64346620949 72440120457 7741278387 80572120960 67446720516 73207520693 7748138385 80599920558 67928720944 73261320825 77560020306 80988020583 67931020934 742.994 7/20542 77978820847 82740920141 68086520946 7435768377 78216020546 83365820775 69447920824 74669920733 7848808380 87239320950 69586420666 75617720521 78569820935 8748948457 8776598379 91947020456 93469320519 97153420378 87943620667 92030020958 94613720356 97153420514 89061920723 92608420285 950.243 6/8468 98054520354 89918720783 92608420536 95471320545 99521120618 89918720895 92608420983 96639320990 DYNAMIC7640, 20411 90772120995 92864320694 970068_20355

Part Type Door Interlocks

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