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Electrolux 1268832712 Washing Machine Shock Absorber NOW 3794303010

Brand: Electrolux
Product Code: 2071
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About Electrolux Spares and Parts

Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances. Their design and product development is based on the philosophy of Thoughtful Design, after the Scandinavian design tradition, where “the aim is to develop and apply consumer insights into all aspects of the brand experience. It covers functionality, usability, touch & feel, visual appearance and the overall user experience throughout all aspects in the life of a product”. 

As a truly international company, selling products in over 100 countries, Electrolux has the technical knowledge, and manpower, to support these excellent domestic products. Electrolux offer a wide range of appliances for every domestic purpose, and a comprehensive spare parts supply is readily available from Spares Direct. Electrolux is the perfect choice for those who demand a well-designed, robust, pleasing appliance that will stay the course of everyday domestic use.

Electrolux spare parts for Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Cookers, Diswashers and Fridge Freezers are all available online at Spares Direct.

Electrolux 1268832712 Washing Machine Suspension Spring NOW 3794303010

This Suspension spring fits the following washing machines

L52810 L74950 L86850 LC50500 LVMT3080 L64819 L74953 LAVAMAT2080 LC53500 LVMT3085 L72900 L84950 LAVAMAT519 LCS53500 LVMT3100 L74651 L84953 LAVC50500 LV4060 LVMT3105 L74900 L86820 LAVC53500 LV4080

ADV86 ADVNTG55 FA1023 FA4022 FA523VARIO ADVANTAGE 45 ADVNTG85 FA1025E FA422 FA5423 ADVANTAGE 55 F402 FA1026HDRO FA423VARIO FA568 ADVANTAGE 85 F502 FA1031E FA4412 FA580 ADVANTAGE400 F512 FA1032 FA4422 FA581 ADVANTAGE45 F702 FA1035E FA489 FA589 ADVANTAGE500 F802V FA1055E FA5023 FA615E ADVANTAGE55 FA1005 FA1074 FA513 FA678E ADVANTAGE800 FA1021 FA1084E FA522 FA722 ADVNTG45 FA1022 FA4012 FA523 FA8023FA821 FA874 FCS720C FLA801W FLS1083 FA822 FA878E FCS725C FLA802W FLS400C FA825E FA884E FCS872C FLS 412 2 FLS402 FA826 FA889 FCS920C FLS1000C FLS411C FA826HYDRO FA932 FL401 FLS1002V FLS421C FA831E FAE1025V FL402 FLS1003 FLS422C FA832 FAE625 FL501 FLS1013 FLS461C FA835E FAE825V FL872C FLS1072C FLS462C FA8432 FCS1020C FL914IN FLS1073C FLS468C FA868 FCS1020C ES FL974IN FLS1082V FLS471C FLS472 FLS522C FLS772C FLS852C FLS883W FLS472C FLS526C FLS800C FLS862C LC400 FLS473C FLS552C FLS802 FLS863C ZWC1300W FLS479C FLS562C FLS803 FLS868C ZWF1010W FLS483 FLS571C FLS813 FLS872C ZWF1021W FLS502 FLS572C FLS821C FLS873C ZWF1221W FLS502C FLS573C FLS822C FLS873V ZWF14109 FLS512 FLS574C FLS823C FLS874V ZWF14791W FLS521C FLS579C FLS823V FLS879C ZWF150 FLS522 FLS702 FLS826C FLS883 ZWF250 ZWF3100 ZWF382 ZWF388 ZWG3105 ZWG385 ZWF360 ZWF384 ZWF580 ZWG3121 ZWF365 ZWF385 ZWG3101 ZWG3125 ZWF380 ZWF386 ZWG3102 ZWG3165

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