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Electrolux 1325162038 Washing Machine Pressure Switch

Brand: Electrolux
Product Code: 1325162038
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About Electrolux Spares and Parts

Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances. Their design and product development is based on the philosophy of Thoughtful Design, after the Scandinavian design tradition, where “the aim is to develop and apply consumer insights into all aspects of the brand experience. It covers functionality, usability, touch & feel, visual appearance and the overall user experience throughout all aspects in the life of a product”. 

As a truly international company, selling products in over 100 countries, Electrolux has the technical knowledge, and manpower, to support these excellent domestic products. Electrolux offer a wide range of appliances for every domestic purpose, and a comprehensive spare parts supply is readily available from Spares Direct. Electrolux is the perfect choice for those who demand a well-designed, robust, pleasing appliance that will stay the course of everyday domestic use.

Electrolux spare parts for Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Cookers, Diswashers and Fridge Freezers are all available online at Spares Direct.

Electrolux 1325162038 Washing Machine Pressure Switch

Genuine manufacturer's part to fit selected models of Washing Machine from the Electrolux AEG and Zanussi group

A high quality genuine spare ensures that your machine undergoes a successful repair returning it to factory standards

Please check the list of suitable models below before ordering this Switch in order to ensure that it is the correct Switch for your Washing Machine. For help finding your model number along with more helpful hints and tips browse our online guides and blog. You will find simple to follow demo videos on our YouTube channel, helping to make your repair straightforward and hassle free!

This Pressure Switch fits the following Washing Machines

L11842VIT L52850 L62645 L64841 L64859 L12843VIT L54630 L62840 L64842 L6485EX L14840 L54638 L62850 L64843 L66640 L16850 L54840 L62853 L64845 L66840 L16853 L54849 L64640 L64846 L66841 L50840 L60640 L64641 L64848 L66843 L50843 L60840 L64645 L6484N L66845 L52630 L60843 L64647 L64851 L66855 L52638 L60850 L6482 L64853 L66857 L52840 L62640 L64840 L64857 L6685EX L11842VIT L52850 L62645 L64841 L64859 L12843VIT L54630 L62840 L64842 L6485EX L14840 L54638 L62850 L64843 L66640 L16850 L54840 L62853 L64845 L66840 L16853 L54849 L64640 L64846 L66841 L50840 L60640 L64641 L64848 L66843 L50843 L60840 L64645 L6484N L66845 L52630 L60843 L64647 L64851 L66855 L52638 L60850 L6482 L64853 L66857 L52840 L62640 L64840 L64857 L6685EX L68640 L72656 L74655 L74953 L76659 L68650 L72658 L74658 L74959 L76659 VERS. SILVER L70654 L72850 L74658 VERS. SILVER L75655 L76850 L70657 L72850M L74659 L76650 L76853M L70850 L72853 L74659 VERS. SILVER L76651 L76855 L70850M L72950 L74665 L76655 L76859 L71655 L74650 L74850 L76656 L78840 L72640 L74651 L74850M L76657 L82950 L72650 L74652 L74859 L76658 L84850 L72655 L74653 L74950 L76658 VERS. SILVER L84950 L84953 LAV46210 LAV47223 LAV48540 LR1652 L86850 LAV46210L LAV47230 LB1380 LR2452 L86859 LAV46210LE LAV47238 LB3252 LR2652 LAV45000 LAV46210SPORT LAV47239 LB3452 LR2852 LAV45200 LAV46211 LAV47328 LB3652 LR3410WT LAV46000 LAV46215L LAV47330 LBELLA LREGINA LAV46009 LAV46310 LAV47333 LBELLA VERS. SILVER LREGINA VERS. SILVER LAV46010 LAV46310L LAV47420 LP2252F OKO+1200T LAV46113 LAV46415 LAV47430 LP5052 WA1356F LAV46200 LAV47020 LAV48340 LP5252

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