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Hoover 06015542 Washing Machine Drum Bearing Seal

Brand: Hoover
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About Hoover Spares and Parts

Hoover, part of the Hoover Candy Group, has celebrated over 100 years of making quality appliances for the home. Originally founded in Ohio in 1908, Hoover Limited became a registered company in the UK in 1919. The first factory in Middlesex opened in 1932 with Hoover quickly establishing itself as the undisputed leader in the floor-cleaning market.  Hoover is dedicated to creating and providing today what customers will demand as the standard of tomorrow. Hoover likes to build clever, affordable products that are simple and easy to use.

Hoover is best known for the invention of the vacuum cleaner, commonly referred to as the ‘Hoover’, but the group also produces and markets a wide range of large domestic appliances with a medium to high market positioning - products still based on the founding principles of perpetual innovation, great performance and cutting edge design. Hoover is a well-respected and trusted brand name for domestic appliances, and represents reliable quality in a no-nonsense machine.

Spares Direct have hoover spare parts for washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers, hobs and hoods, dishwashers and fridge freezers.

Hoover 06015542 Washing Machine Drum Bearing Seal

Genuine part from Hoover to fit selected models of Washing Machine from the Hoover Candy group.

Worn bearings can result in a noisey machine and rust like stains around the machine, please check the list of compatible models below before selecting this part.

This Drum Bearing Seal fits the following Washing Machine models from Hoover and Candy:

AB100 AC125 001 AE137 001 AM110 01 AS126 001 AB105 001 AC327 001 AE140 001 AM115 01 AS130 AB110 AC90 001 AE145 001 AM120 01 AS135 001 AB115 001 AC95 001 AE146 001 AMA122 07 AS136001 AB135 001 ACA10 001 AE147 001 AMC121 01 ASA120 ABA11 001 ACM110 01 AEA14 007 AS110 AVA20 007 AC110 001 ACM15 AI130 01 AS115 001 AVA22 007 AC115 001 AE130 001 AL120 01 AS116 001 AWA11 007 AC120 001 AE135 001 AL130 01 AS120 CA230 003 AC121 01 AE136 001 ALA122 01 AS125 001 CA231 03 CA232 UK HDB244-80 HNL3166Z-80 HNL9136-80 HNWL7136 H110M HDB284-80 HNL6126 HNL9146Z HNWL7136S H120M HLN6212 HNL6126S HNWF3135 HNWL7146-80 H130E UK HMC131 CWS HNL6136S HNWF3137 HP12J-80 H130M CMT HNL2126-80 HNL6166-80 (31000881) HNWL3126 HP13-80 HC110M UK HNL2126S-80 HNL642-80 (31002595) HNWL3136 HP14-80 HC120M UK HNL2136-80 HNL662-80 (31002596) HNWL3136S HP14J-80 HC130M UK HNL2136S HNL7126-80 HNWL6136 HP6 110M HC6120MUK HNL3146-80 HNL7126S-80 HNWL6136S-80 HP6 120M HC6130MUK HNL3146S-80 HNL7146-80 HNWL6146 HP6 130M HPA135-80 HQ150 HSWD146 HWD120TD80 SE234-80 HPA166-80 (31001209) HSE120UK HW120M UK HWD130J-80 WA110 001 HPB145-80 HSE130M HW120PROMO HWM120TS80 WA115 001 HPE236-80 HSP16-80 (31001218) HW130M UK HWP12-80 WB120 001 HPL146-84 HSW110M UK HW130PROMO PE235 WB125 001 HPM110 HSW146-80 HW5213MUK PE235-80 WDM120 01 HPM120 HSW166S-80 (31001063) HW6313MUK PPA 136-80 WDM125 01 HPM130 HSW2115M HWB240-80 PPW126-80 WDM130 01 HPWD136-80 HSW2125M HWB280-80 SE220 001 WE140 001 HQ130 HSWD126-80 HWD120-80 SE230 01 WE145 001 WE146 001 WE147 001 WS130 001 WS135 001 WS136 001

ACS130 UK AQC102TR AQUAVIVA141T CE124 CM2 136-80 ACTIVA105AC AQUAV.1000ES AUTOS.120TR CE124/1 CM2 146-80 ACTIVA125AC AQUAV.100AC AUTOS.130TR CE450 CM462S-80 (31002603) ACTIVA129ACR AQUAV.120AC C1041 CE84 CMD136-80 AQ100TR AQUAV.800ES CBE1225T CE94 CMD146-80 AQ120/1TUK AQUAV.CE101 CBL140 UK CM1 126-80 CMD146S AQ130 WD AQUAVIVA110T CDN130TR CM1166-80 (31001356) CN100T ARGOS AQ130/1T-80 AQUAVIVA120T CE104 CM1612-80 CN105T AQ130/1TUK AQUAVIVA125T CE104/1 CM1612J CN116TUK AQC101TR AQUAVIVA130T CE114 CM1663D-80 (31002526) CN126T-80 CN126TUK CNL135AQ-80 D.QUICK131 SMART12 ACT. WM601 CN136T-80 CNV256-80 DQ130 UK SMART13 WM801 CN136TUK CNW136T ECO 1000 SPRINT100TR WP900 CN450 UK CNWD136 ECO 1001 SPRINT101TR CNA135-80 CNWD146 GO126-80 SPRINT110TR CNA145-80 D.QUICK120TR GO126S-80 SPRINT120TR CNA166 (31001059) D.QUICK130TR GO146-80 WM1001

Part Type Bearings

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