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Hotpoint 481281729585 Brush Carbon HP1

Brand: Hotpoint
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About Hotpoint Spares and Parts

Hotpoint was formed in 1911 in California , moving to Britain in 1920. The company includes the brand names Creda and Indesit, and as such is a major player in the UK.

Hotpoint is the market leader for domestic appliances in the UK, and was for many years the only British-owned manufacturer of white goods. Hotpoint derived it’s name from it’s first successful product – the electric iron, which was soon followed by an early electric toaster. Hotpoint was famous for its all-white products, and from here came the term ‘white goods’, meaning large domestic appliances.

In 2001, Indesit bought Hotpoint and Creda, merging with the brand name Ariston, and eventually forming the present day group of Indesit, Hotpoint and Creda.

Hotpoint is popular in the UK for mid-range dependable products, with a good support back-up of spare parts which are readily available at Spares Direct.

Hotpoint 481281729585 Brush Carbon HP1

Part Type Carbon Brushes

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