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Miele 68106000 Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket

Brand: Miele
Product Code: 68106000
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About Miele Spares and Parts

Miele are a German based manufacturer specialising in high-end domestic products, available as individual appliances or integrated into a Miele designed kitchen.

Miele appliances are created to withstand over 20 years of use, with reliability and high importance tested regularly during the build phase. Using only the very highest quality of materials and though innovative designs, they hope to make owning a Miele product a pleasure rather than a hassle.

Miele manufacture one of the most diverse ranges of products, from all domestic appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, and tumble dryers through to Hoovers, and has a history steeped in quality engineering. They have a wide range of different spares and parts that are readily available and regularly update their models to achieve higher levels of performance from their products.

From their inception over 110 years ago, they have stuck to their motto of commitment to longevity and quality and their products reflect this today. Their company turnover exceeds £2bn each year

Miele 68106000 Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket 

Universal part to serve as replacement Door Seal for selected models of Washing Machine

Equivalent to 4223911 4223910/1, 2834040/1/2, 1559296, 1559296, 2559257, 1513597, 1512015, 1207859,

This affordable high quality spare part will breathe new life into your existing machine, replacing a perished door seal or one that has become ridden with mold to get your washing machine back to its best!

Please check the list of suitable models below before selecting this part, 

This Miele 68106000 Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket fits the following models:


W 697, W 698, W 699

W700, W701, W703, W704, W711, W715 W718, W719, W723, W724, W731, W732W W735, W736, W738, W751, W753, W761 W770, W780, W782, W784

W800, W801, W802, W806, W807, W810 W811, W820, W821, W822, W830, W832, W838 W842, W843, W844, W863, W865, W866 ALL W800 MODELS

W903, W904, W906, W911, W916, W918, W921 W922, W923, W925, W927, W929, W930  931, W931i, W933, W934, W935, W936, W937, W939, W941, W947, W948, W952 W953, W957, W959 W961, W963, W965, W968, W969
W970, W971, W972, W973, W974, W979 W980, W985, W986, W987, W989, W989i ALL W900 MODELS

W1903, W1918, W1926, W1930, W1930i W1926

WS5407C, WSE5405, W980, WS5405, WS5408, WSE5406, W985, WS5406, WS5425, WSE5425, W986, WS5406C, WS5426, WSE5426, W987, WS5406SP, WS5427, W989, WS5407, WS5428  COMMERCIAL WASHERS

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