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Neff 095546 Main Oven Door Seal

Brand: Neff
Product Code: 3306
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About Neff Spares and Parts

Neff appliances are carefully designed to change and enhance the way you use your kitchen, using innovate features and designs to help you be at your very best. Their high end quality kitchen appliances are designed to make the cooking process simple and fun, whilst also providing uncompromised quality throughout.

Spares Direct stock a range of different Neff products for freezers, dishwashers, cookers and fridges.

Neff 095546 Main Oven Door Seal

This Neff door seal fits the following ovens, cookers and hobs:

B1341B0FG/01 B1341N1FG/03 B1341W1FG/02 B1476N1GB/01 B1341B0FG/02 B1341S0FG/01 B1341W1FG/03 B1476N2FN/01 B1341B1FG/01 B1341S0FG/02 B1361B0GB/01 B1476N2GB/01 B1341B1FG/02 B1341S1FG/01 B1361N0FG/01 B1476N2GB/02 B1341B1FG/03 B1341S1FG/02 B1361S0FG/01 B1476U2FN/01 B1341N0FG/01 B1341S1FG/03 B1361W0FG/01 B1476V2FN/01 B1341N0FG/02 B1341W0FG/01 B1361W0GB/01 B1476W0GB/02 B1341N1FG/01 B1341W0FG/02 B1476N0GB/01 N1662N0/01 B1341N1FG/02 B1341W1FG/01 B1476N0GB/02

HBN522ACC/01 HBN526ACC/02 HBN532AGB/01 HBN546AFN/01 HBN522ACC/02 HBN526ACC/03 HBN532BGB/01 HBN560A/02 HBN522ACC/03 HBN526AFN/04 HBN535BGB/01 HBN560A/03 HBN522AFN/04 HBN526AFN/05 HBN536AFN/02 HBN560A/04 HBN522AFN/05 HBN526AFN/06 HBN536AFN/03 HBN560B/01 HBN522AFN/06 HBN526BCC/01 HBN536AFN/04 HBN562A/02 HBN522BCC/01 HBN526BFN/01 HBN536AGB/01 HBN562A/03 HBN522BFN/01 HBN532AFN/02 HBN536BGB/01 HBN562ACC/01 HBN525BFN/01 HBN532AFN/03 HBN542AFN/01 HBN562ACC/02 HBN526ACC/01 HBN532AFN/04 HBN545AFN/01 HBN562AGB/01 HBN562AGB/02 HBN565BCC/01 HBN566BFN/01 HBN6320FN/02 HBN562AGB/03 HBN565BCC/02 HBN566BFN/02 HBN6320SK/01 HBN562B/01 HBN565CCC/01 HBN566CCC/01 HBN6320SK/02 HBN562BCC/01 HBN566A/01 HBN572AFF/04 HBN6322FN/01 HBN562BFN/01 HBN566ACC/01 HBN572BFN/01 HBN6350EU/01 HBN562BFN/02 HBN566ACC/02 HBN576BFN/01 HBN6350FN/01 HBN562CCC/01 HBN566AGB/02 HBN6300FN/01 HBN6350FN/02 HBN565A/01 HBN566AGB/03 HBN6310FN/01 HBN6350SK/01 HBN565A/02 HBN566B/01 HBN6312FN/01 HBN6350SK/02 HBN565B/01 HBN566BCC/01 HBN6320FN/01 HBN6352FN/01 HBN6352SK/01 HBN6420FN/02 HBN6452/01 HBN765AEU/03 HBN6360FN/01 HBN6420GB/01 HBN6452FN/01 HBN765B/01 HBN6360FN/02 HBN6420GB/02 HBN6452SK/01 HBN765B/02 HBN6362FN/01 HBN6422/01 HBN6460FN/01 HBN765B/03 HBN6366FN/01 HBN6422FN/01 HBN6460FN/02 HBN765B/04 HBN6366FN/02 HBN6442/01 HBN6462/01 HBN770650/01 HBN6368FN/01 HBN6450FN/01 HBN6462FN/01 HBN8500/01 HBN6370FN/01 HBN6450FN/02 HBN6522FN/01 HBN8500/02 HBN6372FN/01 HBN6450GB/01 HBN6552FN/01 HBN8500/03 HBN6420FN/01 HBN6450GB/02 HBN6568FN/01 HBN8500/04 HBN8500/06 HBN8550/03 HBN860A/01 HBN862B/02 HBN8520/01 HBN8550/04 HBN860A/02 HBN862B/03 HBN8520/02 HBN8550/06 HBN860A/03 HBN8650/01 HBN8520/03 HBN8552/01 HBN860B/01 HBN865A/01 HBN8520/04 HBN8560/01 HBN860B/02 HBN865A/02 HBN8520/06 HBN8560/02 HBN860B/03 HBN865A/03 HBN8522/01 HBN8560/03 HBN862A/01 HBN865A/04 HBN8542/01 HBN8560/04 HBN862A/02 HBN865B/01 HBN8550/01 HBN8560/06 HBN862A/03 HBN865B/02 HBN8550/02 HBN8562/01 HBN862B/01 HBN865B/03 HBN866A/01 HBN868B/02 HBN874751/01 HBN8842/01 HBN866A/02 HBN868B/03 HBN8800/01 HBN884750/01 HBN866A/03 HBN870750/01 HBN8800/02 HBN884751/01 HBN866B/01 HBN870750/02 HBN8800/03 HBN8850/01 HBN866B/02 HBN870751/01 HBN880750/01 HBN8850/02 HBN866B/03 HBN870760/01 HBN880751/01 HBN8850/03 HBN868A/01 HBN870760/02 HBN8820/01 HBN8852/01 HBN868A/02 HBN870761/01 HBN8820/02 HBN8860/01 HBN868A/03 HBN874750/01 HBN8820/03 HBN8860/02 HBN868B/01 HBN874750/02 HBN8822/01 HBN8860/03 HBN8862/01 HEN520A/05 HEN530B/01 HEN566ACC/04 HBN88S0/01 HEN520B/01 HEN532A/01 HEN566ACC/05 HBN88S0/02 HEN522A/05 HEN532B/01 HEN570C/01 HBN88S0/03 HEN522B/01 HEN535A/01 HEN572C/01 HEN500N/01 HEN525A/01 HEN535A/02 HEN575C/01 HEN500P/01 HEN525A/02 HEN535B/01 HEN575CCC/01 HEN502N/01 HEN525B/01 HEN536A/01 HEN576C/01 HEN502P/01 HEN526A/01 HEN536B/01 HEN6622/01 HEN505N/01 HEN526B/01 HEN562ACC/04 HEN6642/01 HEN505P/01 HEN530A/01 HEN562ACC/05 HEN6652/01 HEN6660/02 HEN6850/01 HEN6872/01 HEN725A/02 HEN6660/03 HEN6850/02 HEN720A/04 HEN725B/01 HEN6662/01 HEN6850CC/01 HEN720B/01 HEN725B/02 HEN6750/01 HEN6850CC/02 HEN720B/02 HEN725B/03 HEN6800/01 HEN6852/01 HEN720B/03 HEN725B/04 HEN6800/02 HEN6852CC/01 HEN722A/04 HEN726A/01 HEN6820/01 HEN6860/01 HEN722B/01 HEN726B/01 HEN6820/02 HEN6860/02 HEN722B/02 HEN726B/02 HEN6822/01 HEN6862/01 HEN722B/03 HEN726B/03 HEN6842/01 HEN6870/01 HEN725A/01 HEN765A/06 HEN766A/01 HEN870A/02 HEN872B/04 HEN876B/01 HEN860A/02 HEN870B/01 HEN875A/01 HEN876B/02 HEN860A/03 HEN870B/02 HEN875A/02 HEN876B/03 HEN862A/02 HEN870B/03 HEN875A/03 HEN876B/04 HEN862A/03 HEN870B/04 HEN875B/01 HEN878A/01 HEN865A/02 HEN872A/01 HEN875B/02 HEN878A/02 HEN865A/03 HEN872A/02 HEN875B/03 HEN878B/01 HEN868A/02 HEN872B/01 HEN875B/04 HEN878B/02 HEN868A/03 HEN872B/02 HEN876A/01 HEN878B/03 HEN870A/01 HEN872B/03 HEN876A/02 HEN878B/04 HEN8800/01 HEN8850/02 HSN562M/01 HSN562NCC/02 HEN8800/02 HEN8850/03 HSN562M/02 HSN562NCC/03 HEN8800/03 HEN8852/01 HSN562MCC/01 HSN572DEU/01 HEN8820/01 HEN8860/01 HSN562MCC/02 HSN572DEU/02 HEN8820/02 HEN8860/02 HSN562N/01 HSN572DEU/03 HEN8820/03 HEN8860/03 HSN562N/02 HSN572EEU/01 HEN8822/01 HEN8862/01 HSN562N/03 HSN572EEU/02 HEN8842/01 HSN562F/01 HSN562NCC/01 HSN572FEU/01 HEN8850/01 HSN562FCC/01

HB53554GB/01 HB55024GB/02 HB55051FN/03 HB55054GB/02 HB53564GB/01 HB55025GB/01 HB55054GB/01 HB55055GB/01 HB55024GB/01

About Cooker Door Seals

A cooker door seal is a crucial part of the effectiveness of the cooking procedure. If the cooker door seal becomes worn, damaged or twisted, it should be replaced immediately. Ill-fitting door seals will allow heat to escape, compromising the ability of the thermostat to regulate the heat within the oven cavity, leading to poor cooking results, and inefficient use of energy. Door seals can be purchased from Spares Direct. The correct door seal can be selected by checking the model number, which will be on the inside edge of the cavity, or on the back of a freestanding cooker. Match the model number carefully with the appropriate replacement part, and take care when fitting to ensure a snug fit. Universal seals may be available for your cooker, as a cheaper option, or in cases where the genuine seal is no longer in production, but generally, the genuine seal will offer a better fit and overall performance.

Part Type Door Seals

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