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Neff 297621 Oven Grill Element 1800 Watt

Brand: Neff
Product Code: 3590
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About Neff Spares and Parts

Neff appliances are carefully designed to change and enhance the way you use your kitchen, using innovate features and designs to help you be at your very best. Their high end quality kitchen appliances are designed to make the cooking process simple and fun, whilst also providing uncompromised quality throughout.

Spares Direct stock a range of different Neff products for freezers, dishwashers, cookers and fridges.

Neff 297621 Oven Grill Element 1800 Watt 

Genuine Neff top oven element to fit selected models of Neff oven.

Quick and easy fix for grill ovens that are no longer heating evenly to temperature. Order with fast delievery and follow our how-to video to make your repair as simple as possible!


This Neff 1800 watt grill element fits the following ovens, cookers and hobs:

B1441B0GB/01 B1451N2GB/01 B1641A0GB/01 B1691W0GB/01 B1441B0GB/02 B1451N2GB/05 B1641A2GB/01 B1861N0GB/01 B1441B0GB/05 B1451W0GB/01 B1641N0GB/01 B1861N2GB/02 B1441W0GB/01 B1451W0GB/05 B1641N1GB/09 U1451B0GB/01 B1441W0GB/02 B1451W2GB/01 B1641N2GB/01 U1451B0GB/05 B1441W0GB/05 B1561N0GB/01 B1641N2GB/05 U1451N0GB/05 B1451B0GB/05 B1561N0GB/04 B1641S0GB/01 U1451S0GB/01 B1451N0GB/01 B1561W0GB/01 B1641W2GB/01 U1451S0GB/05 B1451N0GB/05 B1561W1GB/04 B1691N0GB/01 U1451W0GB/04 B1451N1GB/07 B1593N0GB/07 B1691N2GB/05 U1451W0GB/05U1461N0GB/01 U1461S0GB/05 U1661N0GB/02 U1661W0GB/02 U1461N0GB/05 U1461S2GB/01 U1661N1GB/09 U1661W0GB/05 U1461N1GB/07 U1461W0GB/01 U1661N2GB/01 U1661W2GB/01 U1461N2GB/01 U1461W0GB/05 U1661N2GB/05 U1863N0GB/01 U1461S0GB/01 U1661A0GB/02B1441B0GB/01 B1451N0GB/01 B1561B0GB/04 B1641A2GB/01 B1441B0GB/02 B1451N0GB/05 B1561B1GB/04 B1641N0GB/01 B1441B0GB/04 B1451N1GB/07 B1561N0GB/01 B1641N1GB/09 B1441B0GB/05 B1451N2GB/01 B1561N0GB/04 B1641N2GB/01 B1441W0GB/01 B1451N2GB/05 B1561W0GB/01 B1641N2GB/05 B1441W0GB/02 B1451S2GB/01 B1561W0GB/04 B1641S0GB/01 B1441W0GB/04 B1451W0GB/01 B1561W1GB/04 B1641S0GB/05 B1441W0GB/05 B1451W0GB/05 B1593N0GB/02 B1641S2GB/01 B1451B0GB/05 B1451W2GB/01 B1593N0GB/07 B1641W0GB/01 B1451B2GB/01 B1561B0GB/01 B1641A0GB/01 B1641W0GB/05B1641W2GB/01 U1451B0GB/01 U1461N0GB/01 U1461W2GB/01 B1691N0GB/01 U1451B0GB/04 U1461N0GB/05 U1661A0GB/02 B1691N1GB/09 U1451B0GB/05 U1461N1GB/07 U1661A2GB/01 B1691N2GB/01 U1451N0GB/05 U1461N2GB/01 U1661N0AU/02 B1691N2GB/05 U1451S0GB/01 U1461N2GB/05 U1661N0GB/01 B1691W0GB/01 U1451S0GB/04 U1461S0GB/01 U1661N0GB/02 B1691W0GB/05 U1451S0GB/05 U1461S0GB/05 U1661N1GB/09 B1861N0GB/01 U1451W0GB/01 U1461S2GB/01 U1661N2AU/01 B1861N2GB/02 U1451W0GB/04 U1461W0GB/01 U1661N2AU/05 B1861N2GB/05 U1451W0GB/05 U1461W0GB/05 U1661N2GB/01U1661N2GB/05 U1661W0GB/01 U1661W2AU/01 U1863N2GB/01 U1661W0AU/02 U1661W0GB/02 U1661W2GB/01 U1863N2GB/05 U1661W0AU/05 U1661W0GB/05 U1863N0GB/01

About Cooker Grill Elements

The grill element is a large element fitted in the top either of the main oven, or of a separate grill oven. It is used for achieving specific results in cooking, and provides a more directed form of heat than an oven element. The cooker is usually operated with the door open whilst the grill element is being used, to prevent overheating. When the door is closed, the element should cut out, but should re-heat when the door is reopened. If the grill element does not heat, or damages are visible on its surface, a replacement part can be obtained from Spares Direct. Choose the correct replacement grill element by matching the cooker model number with the list from the appropriate manufacturer on the grill element page.

Part Type Grill Elements

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