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Siemens 435794 Oven Shelf and Pan Grid

Brand: Siemens
Product Code: 4076
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About Siemens Spares and Parts

Siemens are one of the world’s most recognised brands having been around for over 160 years. They specialise in a range of different domestic appliances, from fridge freezers to washing machines and dishwashers and have a design department who work to make traditional white goods look stylish.  Their designs are slick and eye-catching whilst they use innovative technological advancements to provide very high levels of productivity.

Siemens are very proud of their design department, but it is also their production department that have been breaking ground too. As a result, their products are some of the most dependable on the market, and make things easy. They were one of the first companies to feature intelligent controls on their hobs and their washing machines, which not only save energy but reduce bills too.

They have branches all over the world and distribute their products to over 100 countries, making them a leading global brand in appliances. They have one of the largest workforces in the world and continue to push the technological boundaries making their products some of the most desirable on the market. Spares Direct stock a wide range of different Siemens parts.

Siemens 435794 Oven Shelf and Pan Grid
This Siemens Oven Shelf and Pan Grid fits the following Cookers and Hobs:
HBL43B250B/01 HBN131550B/01 HBN136551B/01 HBN13M250B/10
HBL43B250B/02 HBN131550B/02 HBN136551B/02 HBN13M260B/01
HBL53B550A/01 HBN131551B/01 HBN13B221B/01 HBN13M260B/03
HBL53B550A/02 HBN131551B/02 HBN13B251B/01 HBN13M260B/10
HBN131520B/01 HBN131560B/01 HBN13B261B/01 HBN13M520B/01
HBN131520B/02 HBN131560B/02 HBN13M220B/01 HBN13M520B/03
HBN131520B/03 HBN131560B/03 HBN13M220B/03 HBN13M521B/01
HBN131520B/04 HBN131561B/01 HBN13M220B/10 HBN13M521B/10
HBN131521B/01 HBN131561B/02 HBN13M250B/01 HBN13M550B/01
HBN131521B/02 HBN134550B/01 HBN13M250B/03 HBN13M550B/03
HBN13M551B/01 HBN430550B/01 HBN436551B/01 HBN43L570B/01
HBN13M551B/10 HBN430550B/02 HBN43B250B/01 HBN43M520B/01
HBN13M560B/01 HBN430551B/01 HBN43B260B/01 HBN43M520B/03
HBN13M560B/03 HBN430560B/01 HBN43K550B/01 HBN43M521B/01
HBN13M561B/01 HBN430560B/02 HBN43K550B/03 HBN43M521B/10
HBN13M561B/10 HBN430560B/03 HBN43K551B/07 HBN43M550A/01
HBN430520B/01 HBN430561B/01 HBN43K551B/10 HBN43M550A/03
HBN430520B/02 HBN430570B/01 HBN43L550B/01 HBN43M550B/01
HBN430520B/03 HBN430570B/02 HBN43L550B/02 HBN43M550B/03
HBN430521B/01 HBN434550B/01 HBN43L551B/01 HBN43M551A/01
HBN43M551A/10 HBN43R570B/01 HBN560560B/02 HBN56M551B/10
HBN43M551B/01 HBN53B550B/01 HBN560560B/03 HBN56M560B/01
HBN43M551B/10 HBN560520B/01 HBN560560B/04 HBN56M560B/03
HBN43M560B/01 HBN560520B/02 HBN560561B/01 HBN56M561B/01
HBN43M560B/03 HBN560520B/03 HBN560570B/01 HBN56M561B/10
HBN43M561B/01 HBN560550B/01 HBN560570B/02 HBN580650B/01
HBN43M561B/10 HBN560550B/02 HBN560570B/03 HBN580651B/01
HBN43R550B/01 HBN560550B/03 HBN56M550B/01 HBN580660B/01
HBN43R550B/02 HBN560551B/01 HBN56M550B/03 HBN580660B/02
HBN43R551B/01 HBN560560B/01 HBN56M551B/01 HBN580670B/01
HBN730520B/01 HBN730550B/04 HBN730570B/02 HLN343260B/01
HBN730520B/02 HBN730550B/05 HBN730570B/03 HLN448250B/01
HBN730520B/03 HBN730560B/01 HBN730570B/04 HLN448250B/02
HBN730520B/04 HBN730560B/02 HLN342220B/01 HLN653250B/01
HBN730520B/05 HBN730560B/03 HLN342220B/02 HLN658250B/01
HBN730520B/06 HBN730560B/04 HLN342250B/01 HLN658250B/02
HBN730550B/02 HBN730560B/05 HLN343250B/01 PKN610C/01
HBN730550B/03 HBN730560B/06
HB131550B/01 HB56L550B/01 HB750650B/03 HB760560B/03
HB13M550B/03 HB56M550B/01 HB760550B/02 HB760560B/04
HB55M550B/03 HB750550B/03 HB760560B/02 HB55NB550B/01
HB55NB550B/08 HB55NB550B/35
B4540A0FN/05 B4540N0EU/01 B4540S0FN/06 B4540W0FN/07
B4540A0FN/06 B4540N0EU/02 B4540S0FN/07 B4560A0FN/05
B4540N0/01 B4540N0FN/05 B4540W0FN/06 B4560A0FN/06
B4540N0/02 B4540N0FN/06

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