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Smeg 699250029 Oven Fan Motor with Fan Blade

Brand: Smeg
Product Code: 5383
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Smeg 699250029 Oven Fan Motor with Fan Blade

This Smeg Fan motor with fan blade fits the following ovens, cookers and hobs

01-200101 01-200105 01-206101 01-700101 02-200101 02-200105 02-206101 02-700101 05-203105 06-200105 3990I 3C65MF 9FAKOI 9FAKON 9FAKOX 9FANOI 9FANON 9FANOX A1.1 A1.1K A1 A1A.1 A1A A1AD.1 A1AD A1B.1 A1B A1C.1 A1C A1CA.1 A1CA A1CER A1D.1 A1D A1G.1 A1G A1P.1 A1VA.1 A1VA A1VAD A1VG.1 A1VG A1VGD A3 A3A A3D A3SX ALFA10XAB ALFA10XAK ALFA15 ALFA15A ALFA15N ALFA15X ALFA20SA ALFA55X AP9X APF5X APF6B APF6N APF8B APF8PF APL5706 B603MFV B988E CB61VMS CB664MF CB664MFV CD856MFX CE856MFA CE856MFX CI65MFVDK CL104 CL204 CS120 CS120NL CS18A CS18A/1 CS18A/1DR CS18NLA1 CS18V CS18V/1 CS18V/1DR CS19 CS19/1 CS19A CS19A/1 CS19B CS19B/1 CS19NL CS19NL1 CS19NLA CS19NLA1 CS19NLVA CS19P/1 CS19V CS19V/1 CSA19 CSA196 CSA196A CSA196XLP CSA19A CSA19B CSA19XLP CX61VML CX61VMLS CX61VMS CX66MS EB900.1 EBH7140.1 EBH7140.2 EBH7140.3 EBH7140.4 EBH7142.1 EBH7142.2 EBH7142.3 EBH7142.4 EBH7143.1 EBH7143.2 EBH7143.3 EBH7143.4 EH380BIS EH380MFB EHC812EB EHC812EW EHC815BIS EHC815EC EHC815EC1 EHH120B EHH120E EHH120EK EHH120W EHH120WK EHH650 EKW999 ENH7170 F610 F65.1 F65 F67.1 F67 FS61MFX FS61MFXLP FS64MF FS64MFLP FS64MFX FS64MFXLP FS67MFX GEH130B GEH130E GEH130EK GEH130W GEH130WK GEH206XK H985B H985X HS600MF HS600MFEB JTS25GIYW KBE960E MKI812EW MM21BK MM21IX MM21WH N522TGI N522TGN N522TGW N5I90E N5N90E N5W90E NZ634ESS NZ634ESSP NZ634EW NZ634EWP OKW999 S18EMF S18EMFEB S20XMF.1 S20XMF S20XMFR.1 S20XMFR S300X S360 S360/1 S360EB S360EB/1 S360X S360X/1 S370 S370EB S380X S392 S392EB S398X S500 S550 S550EB S550X S650 S650EB S86XMFV S86XMFV/A S890AMFR S890EBMFR S890MF S890MFA S890MFEB S890MFP S890MFR S890PMFR S970 S970EB S980X S990EBR S990R S990XR S990XRAL S990XRAL1 S990XRK S995XRAL S995XRK SA206EB SA206X SA208EB SA208X SA20XMF SA210EB SA210NE SA210X SA210X/1 SA22XMF SA360EB SA360X SA360X/1 SA370EB/1 SA370EB/2 SA380X/1 SA380X/2 SA385EB SA385X SA386W SA386X SA388X SA392EB SA392NE SA398X SA398X/1 SA410EB SA410X SA420EB SA420X SA440X SA650EB SA650NE SA702X-5 SA704X-5 SA704X SA706EB.1 SA706X-5 SA706X.1 SA707X SA708X-5 SA708X SA710X-5 SA890WR SA9065 SA9065LPG SA9066 SA9066LPG SA920MFA SA990REB SA990RNE SA990XR SA995XR SA999X SBA1 SCB60MFB SCB60MFX SCB61MFX SCB66MFB SCB66MFX SCB90MFX SCD60MFX SCD61MFX SCD91MFX SCD93MFX SCE60MFX SCE61MFX SCE90MFX SE206EB SE206NE SE206X SE20XMFR SE20XMFR1 SE210EB SE210NE SE210X SE365MF SE365MFEB SE375MF SE375MFB SE375MFEB SE392MF SE392MFEB SE398X SE500XMF SE650MF SE650MFEB SE706EB SE706NE SE706X SE708EB SE708EBK SE708NE SE708NEK SE708X SE708XK-5 SE708XK SE709XK-5 SE800MF SE800MFEB SE810MF SE810MFEB SE820MF SE820MFEB SE910MFB SE910MFF SE95 SE95EB SE95X SE96 SE96EB SE96MB SE96X SE985X SE990XR SE995XR SIL390EB SIL61VM SIL61VML SM800MFP SM800MFV SNL61MFX SNZ360SS SNZ360W SNZ380SS SNZ380W SNZ61MFX SNZ635SS SNZ635WH SNZ708X SP106VML SP680MFG SP71VML SP7800G SP9000B SP9000W SP9000X SUK160MB SUK160MCF SUK160V SUK61CMFA SUK61CMFX SUK61MFWH SUK65MF SUK80MFA SUK80MFX TBF9060 UK80MFA UK80MFA1 UK80MFX UK80MFX1 V602MFV W1 W601MFV W61BVM W61XVM W91CXVM WE970 WE980X WE990XR WI18EMF WI18EMFEB WI206EB WI206NE WI206X WI20XMF WI20XMFR WI210EB WI210NE WI210X WI300X WI360 WI360EB WI360X WI370 WI370EB WI380X WI392 WI392EB WI398X WI500EB WI550 WI550EB WI550X WI650 WI650EB WI706EB WI706NE WI706X WI708EB WI708NE WI708X WI970 WI970EB WI980X WI990EBR WI990R WI990XR WIL61BVM WIL65 WUK65MF X604MFV

About Cooker Fan Motors

A motor-driven fan is fitted to some cookers, to circulate the hot air within the oven cavity. This provides a more even distribution of heat, and leads to shorter cooking times, with no ‘hot spots’. If a fan motor is fitted, food may be cooked on any shelf in the oven, with similar results. The fan motor turns a fan, which distributes the heat from the element. If the cooker ceases to cook evenly, and there is no noise when the element is on, then the fan motor should be tested and replaced. It is important not to continue to use the cooker, as the element is designed to be used with a fan, and may overheat. Select the correct fan motor by comparing the model number with the list on the Spares Direct fan motor page. Although fan motors are ‘universal’, in that they fit more than one model, they are not completely interchangeable, and it is important to select the correct replacement part for your cooker.

Part Type Fan Motors

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