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Statesman 32009186 Circular Fan Oven Element

Brand: Statesman
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About Statesman Spares and Parts

Statesman is a smaller specialist kitchen appliance manufacturer in the UK, but have years of experience within the industry. They focus all their attention on their motto ‘building on excellence’ and meticulously work to find improvements in all their products. As a result, they have provided a range of functional, full of feature designs that are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

They offer both free-standing and built in appliances which achieve high levels of efficiency, achieving A or A+ energy ratings, with environmental impact on their mind. Although their products are built with longevity in mind, they have a wide range of spare parts should you have an issue with a Statesman appliance.

Spares Direct have many different Statesman parts for a range of their domestic appliances, including oven spares.

Statesman 32009186 Circular Fan Oven Element

This Circular Heating Element fits the following Ovens


About Cooker Heating Elements

The heating element is the main heat source in a cooker. If the cooker appears to have power to it, but there is no heat, then the element may be faulty. A visual inspection may reveal damage, but sometimes the element will be faulty with no apparent damage. In a ‘static’ (or non-fan) type of cooker, the heating element may be rectangular, to fit the shape of the oven cavity. In a fan oven, however, the element will be circular to encompass the fan. Both these types of heating element are available from Spares Direct. Check which is the correct element, by comparing the model number with the list for the appropriate manufacturer on the heating element page of Spares Direct. Some elements are universal, and will fit more than one model of cooker, but not all elements will be suitable. The wattage must be the same as the original, and the physical size and shape must be the same, to allow the element to be fitted in place.

Part Type Heating Elements

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