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Bosch 263197 Tumble Dryer Belt

Brand: Bosch
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About Bosch Spares and Parts

For Bosch it's all about focussing on the user's specific needs. So their range of appliances are made to match your domestic requirements brilliantly - whatever they are - leaving you to get on with your daily life, confident in the knowledge that Bosch is getting on with the job in hand.

While setting the pace in product innovation Bosch haven't forgotten their duty to protect the environment.

Every time Bosch design a new product, their ideas are based on sound ecological principles, ensuring they make the most economic use of natural resources, and minimising pollution of the air, sea and water. Bosch are constantly developing new ways to reduce energy and water usage while maintaining product performance and efficiency, helping conserve our planet as well as saving you money in lower running costs. When you buy Bosch you buy a responsible, reliable and quality brand that delivers you the latest in innovative technology.

Spares Direct have a wide rnage of different Bosch parts for your kitchen appliances. These include: washing machine spares, dishwasher spares, tumble dryer spares, fridge freezer parts, cooker parts and hob spares.

Bosch 263197 Tumble Dryer Belt

This Bosch belt fits the following tumble dryers:

000753K01/01 WTA2000EU/01 WTA2000IL/17 WTA3003AU/01 000753K01/02 WTA2000EU/17 WTA2002EE/01 WTA3003AU/17 000753K02/01 WTA2000GB/01 WTA2002EE/02 WTA3003EE/01 000753K02/02 WTA2000GB/17 WTA2002EE/17 WTA3003EE/17 WTA2000AU/01 WTA2000IE/01 WTA2002GB/01 WTA3003GB/01 WTA2000AU/02 WTA2000IE/17 WTA3000GB/01 WTA3003GB/17 WTA2000AU/17 WTA2000IL/01 WTA3003AU(00)


A tumble dryer operates by tumbling wet laundry in a drum, turned by a motor that is connected to the drum by a belt. Over time the belt will suffer a great deal of strain, wear and even tear. The belt may eventually give way due to age, or worn and sharp components adjacent to it may cause damage, fraying, and eventual failure of the belt. Once the belt has broken, or slipped from its position, the motor will no longer turn the drum, and the clothing will not be tumbled. Drying time will be significantly increased, as laundry sits in a wet heap at the bottom of the drum. If the motor is working, but the drum is not turning, then the probable cause is a broken or misaligned belt. To replace the tumble dryer belt, choose one in the correct length, thickness, and width, by purchasing the correct belt for the model of tumble dryer. Tumble dryer model numbers can usually be found inside the door, on the door hinge. Alternatively, the model number may be on the back of the appliance. Select the correct belt, and order from for prompt delivery.

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