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Bosch 644221 Tumble Dryer Door Handle
Bosch 644221 Tumble Dryer Door Handle

Bosch 644221 Tumble Dryer Door Handle This Bosch door handle fits the following tumble dryers: Bosc..

Tumble dryer door handles vary from those that are clearly completely separate from the door rim, to those that are integral to it. Whatever the design of the door handle, it is important that the door handle is functioning correctly, since the handle is connected to the start and stop mechanism of the dryer. The tumble dryer will stop tumbling when the door mechanism is disengaged and the door is opened, and will only begin again once the door handle mechanism is engaged and the door is properly closed. . This is a safety feature, to prevent accidents occurring while the machine is tumbling with the door open. If the tumble dryer is otherwise in good working order, but will not start, or only starts intermittently, when the door is closed, then it may be that the door handle mechanism is not properly or fully engaging the start switch. This may be due to worn or broken parts, or because part of the handle has come disconnected from the rest. It is therefore important to promptly and correctly replace a worn, broken or damaged handle. The correct handle may be identified by taking the model number from the hinge or the rear of the appliance. Replacement Door handles can be ordered from Spares Direct for prompt dispatch.