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Hotpoint C00095566 Green Spot Tumble Dryer Stats

Brand: Whirlpool
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HOTPOINT GREEN SPOT THERMOSTAT C00095566 Thermostat Kit Green Spot Hotpoint Creda Indesit Proline C00095566 this Thermostat Kit Green Spot fits the following tumble dryers:

Ariston A37CEX, A46CAUS, A46CEX, A46CFR, A46CSK

Creda 37447001RL, 37630, 37747, 37764E, 37765X, 37774E, T601CW, T602CW, T620CW, T622CW, T630CW, T632CW, TCR13, TCR14, TDC30PE, TDC60PE

Crusader 37667, 37667, 37667, CT61C, CT61C, CT61C

Electra 37527, 37527, 37527

Export TD41, TD46, WT6010/1, WT6030

General Electric DDE7609FWW, DDE7702VWW, DDE7709FWW

Hotpoint TC11P, TC71N, TC71P, TC71PE, TC71X, TC72N, TC72P, TC72PE, TC72X, TCM65A, TDC30N, TDC30P, TDC30P, TDC30S, TDC30YS, TDC32N, TDC32P, TDC32P, TDC32S, TDC60N, TDC60P, TDC60S, TDC60YS, TDC62N, TDC62P, TDC62P, TDC62S

Indesit G74C, G75C, G75C, G75CEX, G75CFR, G75CS, G75CSK, G85C, G85CEX, G85CNL, G85CSEX, G85CSK

Jackson J601CW, J601CW

Proline TDC6A, TDC6A


About Tumble Dryer Stat Kits

A tumble dryer dries clothing by tumbling them in a large drum, which is permeated by warm air. The motor turns the drum, the fan blows the air around it, and the element heats the air. Attached to the element is a stat (or Thermostat) kit, which controls how much heat the element supplies. It is the stat kit that switches the element on and off, according to how hot it is. Most tumble dryers have more than one heat setting, to protect delicate clothing from too severe a heat, and the stat kit controls this selection of heat settings. There will be two thermostats in a stat kit. If the stat kit is faulty, the element will continue to heat, and will dry at too hot a temperature, or will not heat at all, if the stat kit has prevented the element from heating. A new stat kit is generally included with a new element, but it is also possible to buy the stat kit separately. If there is no heat, it is important to ascertain whether the element is faulty, or just the stat kit. Stat kits to suit most models and brands of tumble dryer can be ordered from spares direct.

Part Type Stat Kits

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