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Whirlpool 480111101014 Washing Machine Drain Pump

Brand: Whirlpool
Product Code: 480111101014
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About Whirlpool Spares and Parts

Whirlpool is one of the leading home appliance manufactures, with appliances available in almost every country in the world. They manufacture appliances for many different purposes, including dishwashers, washing machines and even water filtration. As a result they have a wide range of spares which are available at Spares Direct.

Whirlpool have a very clear vision: ‘Every Home… Everywhere… with Pride, Passion and Performance’ and is the driving force behind their continued development, providing innovative technology. They seek to provide practical solutions to every customer’s needs. The three P’s are focused across the company, with the ultimate aim to provide outstanding performance.

Intertwined with their quality appliances is a company image that oozes quality. As a result, their appliances are built to stand the test of time, and do more washes and cleans than any of their competitors machines. Their spare parts are also highly developed so that is there is an issue they can be fixed quickly, allowing for the owner’s life to return to normal as quickly as possible.

Whirlpool brand is also behind Maytag, with their parts also available at Spares Direct.

Whirlpool 480111101014 Washing Machine Drain Pump

Alternative Part Number: 481236018559

Genuine spare part from appliance giant Whirlpool, this high quality genuine manufacturer approved spare part is designed to fit selected models of Washing Machine from the Whirlpool group.

If you are experiencing problems with your Washing Machine due to a faulty pump then a replacement pump is a far more economical alternative to buying a new machine.

Please check the list of compatible models below in order to ensure that this replacement pump will fit your Washing Machine. For advice on where to find your model number together with a whole host of appliance know-how head to our online guide section or blog. You can watch informative videos on our YouTube channel or of course get in touch with our friendly sales team.

This Whirlpool 480111101014 Washing Machine Drain Pump fits the following models:


MAH2441AGH (855493615000)


AWO/D4305 (859233115000) AWO/D4305 (859233115005) AWO/D4305 (859233115007) AWO/D4405 (859233015000) AWO/D4405 (859233015007) AWO/D4505 (859233215000) AWO/D4505 (859233215002) AWO/D4505 (859233215005) AWO/D4505 (859233215007) AWO/D4505 (859233215008) AWO/D4505 (859233215200) AWO/D4505/S (859252915700) AWO/D4605 (859233015600) AWO/D4605 (859233015602) AWO/D4605 (859233015605) AWO/D4605 (859233315100) AWO/D4605 (859233315102) AWO/D4605 (859233315104) AWO/D4605 (859233315108) AWO/D4705 (859233315000) AWO/D4705 (859233315002) AWO/D4705 (859233315004) AWO/D4705 (859233315008) AWO/D5306 (859247215000) AWO/D5306 (859247215001) AWO/D5316 (859247215100) AWO/D5316 (859247215105) AWO/D5446 (859235815700) AWO/D5446 (859235815708) AWO/D5505 (859247315104) AWO/D5506 (859247315000) AWO/D5506 (859247315001) AWO/D5506 (859247315002) AWO/D5506 (859247315004) AWO/D5516 (859247315150) AWO/D5516 (859247315154) AWO/D5516 (859247315155) AWO/D5516 (859247315158) AWO/D5526 (859296815000) AWO/D5547 (859247515000) AWO/D5547 (859247515100) AWO/D5556 (859233615200) AWO/D5556 (859235815000) AWO/D5556 (859235815004) AWO/D5556 (859235815008) AWO/D5556 (859297115000) AWO/D5705 (859233015700) AWO/D5705 (859233015702) AWO/D5706 (859247415000) AWO/D5706 (859247415001) AWO/D5706 (859247415004) AWO/D5706/S (859247415700) AWO/D5706/S (859247415704) AWO/D5716 (859247415100) AWO/D5716 (859247415104) AWO/D5716 (859247415105) AWO/D5716 (859247415200) AWO/D5726 (859293615200) AWO/D5747 (859247615000) AWO/D5926 (859293615300) AWO/D6527 (859293515000) AWO/R4205 (859234615000) AWO/R4205 (859234615005) AWO/R4205 (859234615008) AWO/R5206 (859234815000) AWO/R5206 (859234815004) AWO/R5206 (859234815008) AWO/R5406 (859234715000) AWO/R5406 (859234715004) AWO/R5406 (859234715008) AWOD6727 (859296915000) AWOD6927 (859297015000)

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