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Zanussi 3792699005 Washing Machine Door Seal

Brand: Zanussi
Product Code: 3792699005
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About Zanussi Spares and Parts

Zanussi are an Italian appliance manufacture that was brought by Electrolux in the mid 1980’s. They provide a vast range of domestic appliances and have been exporting from Italy since 1946. Zanussi were credited with inventing the very first ever hidden dishwasher and they have always been one of the most innovative appliances designers.

Spares Direct stock Zanussi spare parts for many domestic appliances including washing machines and dishwashers.

Zanussi 3792699005 Washing Machine Door Seal 

Genuine manufacturer's part from Zanussi to fit selected models of Washing Machine across the Electrolux Zanussi group

Unfortunately due to mold or general ware and tear the lifespan of your door seal or gasket is sometimes shorter than that of your Washing Machine. Don't incurr expensive engineer costs or even worse start shopping for a new machine - a genuine spare is so easy to fit and will restore your Washing Machine to new!

Please check the list of compatible models below to ensure that this is the correct part for your Electrolux or Zanussi Washing Machine. For help finding your model number together with more helpful advice and tips browse our online guides and blog. You will find straight forward 'how-to' videos on our YouTube channel.

This Zanussi 3792699005 Washing Machine Door Seal fits the following makes and models of Washing Machine:


ZWF1470, ZWG6160P, ZWG5140P, ZWG6140PS, ZWG6144PS, ZWGB5140P, ZWGB6140P, ZWGB5160P, ZWGB6160P, ZWGB5120P, ZWGB7160P, ZWGB7140P, ZWGB7140AS, ZWH6102PS, ZWH6160P, ZWH6100P, ZWH6103P, ZWHB6140P, ZWHB6140AP, ZWHB6160P, ZWH1101P, ZWHB6103PS, ZWH7120P, ZWH7100P, ZWH7103P, ZWH7148P, ZWH77100P, ZWHB7130P, ZWHB7160P, ZWHB7140P, ZWHB7140AC, ZWHB7140AP, ZWHB7140AS, ZWHB7160AP, ZWHB7160AS, ZWHB7146AP, ZWH7149P, ZWHB7123PS


RWP105205W, EWP1264TDW, EWP1274TDW, EWP1474TDW, EWP1474THW, EWP1262TDW, EWP11062TW, EWP1062TDW, EWP1062TEW, EWP0862TDW, EWP1662TIW, EWP1462TDW, EWP1462TIW, EWP1262THW, EWP1262TEW, EWP1662TDW, EWP1464TDW, EWP11064TW, EWP1064TDW, EWP1064TEW, EWP1464TYW, EWP11066TW, EWP0864TDW, EWP1072TDW, EWP1272TDW, EWP1472TDW, EWP1672TDW, EWP1271TSW, EWP1272TWW, EWP1273TDW, EWP1472TKW, EWP1674TDW, EWP11074TW, EWP1074TDW, EWP1074TEW, EWP1474TEW, EWP1674TGW, EWP1474TFW, EWP1674TFW, EWPT4741FW, EWPT4761FW, EWP1274TOW, EWP11274TW, EWP31274TW, EWP31074TW, EWP1470TDW, EWP1474TOW, EWP7000W, EWP1274TSW, EW7164PTD



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