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Easy ways to Spring clean your appliances

So Spring has officially arrived, and the promise of sunnier days to come may have spurred you on to tackle a little Spring cleaning!

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The Best Flippin' Day of The Year!

Pancake day is upon us and who doesn't love a sweet treat to brighten up a Tuesday!

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Wave goodbye to dry January and refresh your home drink storage

If you've just successfully completed dry January then you are probably looking forward to a well earned drink - but before you reach for the bottle opener Spares Direct have got a few ideas how you can up your home bar game.

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Cleaning your oven can help avoid repairs

Ensuring you have a working oven is important for your family and to keep you healthy. Because your oven sees a lot of use regularly, they are one of them more common kitchen appliances to breakdown, or need replacement parts. There are some steps that you can start taking today to ensure your oven stays in working order for longer, and our team at Spares Direct are ready to help your Leeds, Wakefield or Huddersfield home.

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Bringing Hygge into your home

It’s the buzz word of the moment and the perfect antidote to post Christmas slump! 

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Hydrogen gas could replace the gas in your appliances by 2020

Gas kitchen appliances can be harmful to the environment, compared to other electrical versions.

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Merry Christmas from Spares Direct

The team at Spares Direct want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Fancy a Christmas tipple - How to store, and pour your bubbles!

Nothing says 'celebrate' like a few extra bottles of something special in the house. Make room for the extra indulgences of the season by maximising the storage capacity in your existing fridge!

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Christmas Appliance Check List

As the big day approaches make life easy on yourself by ensuring that your kitchen is ready for the onslaught of festive feasting and Christmas preparations.

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Noisiest kitchen appliance

 The team at Spares Direct have a wide range of manufactures parts to fix or replace broken parts of your large kitchen appliances.

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Whirlpool’s overpriced repairs

Whirlpool, a major international appliance manufacturer have been criticised over their high risk, expensive, faulty tumble dryers, which have been prone to causing fires due to being sold as ‘faulty’.

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Energy label changes

Energy labels on appliances have always been a source of confusion. The complex grading system provides next to no real knowledge of how efficient an appliance really is for those who are not ‘tech savvy’.



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Brand new auto-folding appliance

The average person spends nearly 5 months of their life doing laundry. From washing clothes, drying them, ironing and folding, it is a long process. Although this new product could be just what we need to cut the amount of time we spend sorting through our clothes.

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Magnetic fridge launched

A new style of commercial fridge has been launched that uses magnetic cooling systems.

The fridges are cooled by a ‘magnetocaloric’ effect, which is the heating or cooling of the magnetic material by applying a magnetic field. The magnetic unit operates at low pressure and with a low rotational speed. This eliminates the vibrations and cuts the sounds of these large units down to less than 35db, and reduces maintenance costs.

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Could 3d printing be the way forward for replacement parts?

At Spares Direct, we aim to give you the biggest range of parts of your big household appliances. Broken down washing machines, fridges or cookers are a big inconvenience to everyday life, and can sometimes cost more and waste a lot of time to fix.

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