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Smeg 694570055 Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm

Brand: Smeg
Product Code: 5371
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Ex Vat: £25.00


Smeg 694570055 Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm

This Smeg upper spray arm fits the following Dishwashers

ADG3500-1 ADG3540 ADG3550 ADG3800 ADG5500-1 ADGR3700 ADW659FI2 ADW759FI ADX550 APKI1300 BF72 BL1 BL1S BL2 BL2S BL3 BL3S BL4 BL4S BLA2 BLA2S BWHM010W CSE66I3 CSE68X3 CSE68X7 DD612S DD612SC DD612WC DF61 DF612B DF612S DF612SDX DF612SE DF612W DF614S DF614SF DF614WE DFC612S9 DI112-2 DI112-9 DI61 DI612 DI612A DI612C DI612CA9 DI612CAH DI612DA9 DI614 DI614H DW-24SS DW60BK DW60OA DW60ST DW60ST3A DW60XS DW614ST3A DW659FI2 DW660FI1 DW660S1 DW660SK DW660ST DW680FI DW755S DW759FI DW759S DW760FI DW780FI DW786FI DW786S DW859FI DW860FI DW860S DW880FI DW955S DW959S DWAFI152T DWAI152XT DWD1E DWD1SSE-1 DWD1SSE DWD612CSS DWD612CWH DWD612SS DWD61BL1 DWD61BR1 DWD61SS1 DWD61WH1 DWD63BLE DWD63SSE DWD63WHE DWD64SSE DWF1-2 DWF1.1 DWF612BL DWF612SS DWF612WH DWF614SS DWF614WH DWF62WH.1 DWF64SSE DWF66SS DWF66WH DWHM00W DWHM40W DWI612 DWI612C DWI614 DWI64.1 DWI67.1 DX610S DX630S F45078I-M F502X F89078VI-M F89078VI-S F89078VIM F89078VIS FDWS55MS GA755001 GAVI7559XL GI61124W GI61124X GI61224W GI61224X GI62224X GI62324W GI62324X GI63220E GI64224AA GI64224AX GI64324W GI64324X GI64424X GI64424XV GI65420E GI65520E GMI5554 GMI5554/1 GMX5010SD GMX5500 GMX5552 GMX5555 GMX5997 GMX5997/1 GMX5998 GMXI5010SD GOI1300 GS60-3CN GS62-2CN GS65-2VI GS65-3VI GS65.1VI GS8260CN GS8260VI GS8660CN GS8660VI GSB6053E GSB6080E GSB6080XL GSB608E GSGP20-5E GSI5599/1 GSI5599/1GSW GSI5599/1GWS GSI5599GIX GSI63-4 GSI6310XL GSI6311XL GSI632E GSI682AL GSI682ALS GSI682B-3 GSI682B-4 GSI682E-3 GSI682E-4 GSI682ES3 GSI682S-3 GSI682S-4 GSI682W-3 GSI682W-4 GSI8673E GSI8674E GSV6053E GSV6100E GSV6100XL GSV6320XL GSV6321XL GSV642 GSX5597/1G GSX5597G GSX5999G GV61124 GV61224 GV62224 GV62324X GV63320 GV63324X GV63324XV GV63424 GV63424XV GV64324XV GV65420 GV65421 GVI682-3 GVI682-4 GVI7683 GVI8683 GVI8684-1 GVI8684 GVI9684 HGVI682-3 HGVI682-4 IGS6908-0GE IGVS6508.2 IGVS6608.2 KGI63AL KGI63E KGI63S KGI63W KGV63 KLVS32X KLVS51NE KLVS52X KSI680AL KSI680E-3 KSI680S-3 KSI680W-3 KST6820L KSV680-2 KSV680-3 LFA-086XL LFA-086XLIT LFDS3XL60HZ LP790 LP790T LPES3XL60HZ LS19-1 LS19-2 LS19.1 LS21XS.1 LS6002X-1 LS6002X.1 LS6148BH9 LSA12XD9 LSA6045X LSA6047B LSA6047G LSA6047X LSA6049B LSA6049BD LSA6049X LSA6050B LSA6051B LSA647B LSA647X LSA649B LSA649X LSA650B LSA651B LSA651BD LSA653B LSA653PE LSA657BE LSE3000TA LSE3004TA LSE4000TA LSE4004TA LSE5204XA LSE5304XA LSE5504XA LSG62S LSG63X LSP653N LSP653N1 LSP653X LSP653X1 LST6053 LTES3XL60HZ LVF32G LVF33G LVF55XA.1 LVF647B9 LVF64XA LVS1249X9 LVS649N LVS649N1 LVS649X LVS649X1 LVS653N LVS653N1 LVS653X LVS653X1 LVS655EG LVS655N LVS655N1 LVS655X LVS655X1 LVS949X1 LVS953X1 LVTI14-78 PL1145NE PL1145X PL144X PL145EB PL145NE PL145X PL19-2 PL19-3 PL19.1 PL19X-2 PL19X-3 PL19X.1 PL614WH-1 PL614WH PL614X-1 PL614X PL6248XD9 PL663WH PL663X-1 PL663X PL672EB PL672X PL673WH PL673X PL823X PL8605X PL8605X7 PL8605X8 PL8605XT7 PL8605XTD PL961DEB2 PL985EB PL985NE PL985X PLA6045B PLA6045N PLA6045X PLA6047B PLA6047N PLA6047X PLA6049XD PLA6051B PLA6051N PLA6051X PLA647B PLA647N PLA647X PLA649B PLA649N PLA649X PLA651B PLA651BD PLA651N PLA651ND PLA651X PLA651XD PLA653B PLA653N PLA653X PLA68XU PLA8605X7 PLA8645X PLA8743X PLA8743X7 PLA8743XU PLB653BD PLB653ND PLB653XD PLB964B PLB964N PLB964X PLB966B PLB966N PLB966X SA5562 SA5563WH SA614W SA614X-1 SA614X SA663WH-1 SA663WH SA663X-1 SA663X SA672EB SA672NE SA672X SA673BK SA673WH SA673X SA682X.1 SA682X SA683X SA823X SA8600X SA8605BI SA8605X SA8605X7 SA8605X8 SA8605XT7 SA8605XT8 SA8605XTD SNZ614X SNZ642IS1 SNZ642IS2 SNZ642IS3 SNZ642S-1 SNZ642S-2 SNZ642S-3 SNZ642W-1 SNZ642W-2 SNZ642W-3 SNZ653S SNZ672X SNZ693IS SNZ693S SNZ693S7 ST112-9 ST1123S ST1124S ST113S-9 ST1144S ST1145 ST1145S ST1146 ST114S-9 ST119-9 ST144 ST145 ST212-9 ST214-9 ST215-9 ST663-1 ST663 ST692.1 ST692 ST693-1 ST693 ST8605-1 ST8605 ST863S ST8647 ST864S ST865 ST865S ST867 ST868 ST93P ST994-1 ST994.1 ST994A ST995-1 ST996-1 ST996 ST997-1 ST997 STA14X STA6045 STA6047 STA6049D STA6051 STA613-9 STA6147-9 STA6245-9 STA6246-9 STA6248D9 STA6249-9 STA647 STA649 STA653 STA653D STA8614X STA8614X7 STA8614XU STA8643 STA8645 STA8647 STA8743 STA8743PQ STA8743U STA8745 STB964 STB966 STL867A STLA868A STMW10-9 STMW24A STMW26-9 STX1-3 STX1-4 STX1.2 STX1C STX2-2 STX2-3 STX2.1 STX20-2 STX20.1 STX2DK STX2K STX2L STX2LA STX2P STX2SA STX3K STX3K7 STX6L STX6S SV680-3 TDW60-2SK TDW80FI TDW80FIV1 UKSTX1-1 UKSTX1 UKSTX2-1 UKSTX2 UPO60D VIS-1 WT112-9 WT114-9 WT144

Part Type Spray Arms

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